Friday, 20 September 2013

Afternoon Tea

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the next chapter of my life. I'm moving from my home in the North all the way down to the bonny South coast of England to start a whole new degree at a whole new uni. I'm excited, nervous and happy all in one bundle. I'm also a wee bit sad. I've had the most lovely summer doing everything and nothing at home with my family. So to say thankyou and farewell I wanted to make tea on my last night for everyone.

Seeing as it was just Mum, Grandma and myself, and seeing as though I have been dying to use my new Laura Ashley tea service cake stand, there was one option and one option only. Afternoon tea for the girls!

Wearing my delicious Forever 21 tea dress. This thing has seen me through the summer, it has been my sartorial triumph of 2013. The colour and the fit are dreamy. I normally wear with open-toed sandals out and about but it's more fun to walk round barefoot if you can!

Check out the cut out back! 

I wore my little Juicy Couture cupcake chain, perfect for the occasion.

A proper afternoon tea should include proper napkins. My lovely silver napkin ring belonged to my Great Grandma Dora. 

And a table cloth is absolutely essential. This embroidered one is so pretty and belonged to my Great Aunty Queenie. I can't remember because I was only a little girl, but my Grandma told me with a wink Dora and Queenie would happily have tucked in to our feast!

Grandma and Mum were bursting with compliments about the spread and quickly set about pouring the tea. Mum poured the milk in first (I know) and my Grandma told her off as apparently that's the 'uncouth' way of going about things. Unlike Gran I wasn't so bothered about the social meaning and what not. I just think it's a bit weird.

However, it was a darn good cuppa.

A selection of finger sandwiches. Ham and mustard, smoked salmon and cream cheese and egg mayonnaise. 

As I was packing my bags and stressing about wellies my Wonder-woman Mum made up a batch of cherry scones.

The magic of scones comes down to creating your tower. Butter, strawberry jam and lashings of clotted cream on top is my idea of heaven.

It was so nice to be able to treat my two favourite ladies to a proper ladies' tea. I think they rather enjoyed it! We couldn't manage all of the sandwiches, which my Dad was rather pleased about as he walked in after his game of golf. He had already had dinner but couldn't help himself!

He always has to have piccalilli with his ham sarnies though. 

I really don't have enough afternoon teas, but now I have my cake stand I suppose there's no excuse not to! I'm now just about ready and set for my little Southern adventure. 

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