Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Autumn means apples. Apples mean pie.

Summer might be over, but I really rate the autumn. It has a certain smell I think. I love the feeling of it getting a bit more crisp in the air, bringing back out the coats and boots. And the new season has always meant a new school or uni term for me so it's there's an air of excitement and anticipation during the month of September (not least because I've got me a brand new batch of stationery and lunchbox).

There's another important thing I love about autumn. The food. 

It gets a lot more hearty. It gets hotter. The mains get more gravy-y and the puddings get more custardy.

We're lucky enough to live right by these gorgeous Bramley trees.

Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned double-crusted apple pie? It would be rude not to. I set to gathering up.

Lots of them had already fallen on the floor. That's a good sign that they're ripe and ready. Molly the collie couldn't help, damn those paws, but she wanted to be included non the less.

Apples are heavy! I heaved them back inside and set to work. 

I might have had a little help peeling from my mum... And Cuthbert the very hairy caterpillar!

I got a very big shock when I spotted him. We all oohed and ahhed, and my mum actually awwed. Wonder what he'll grow to be?

With Cuthbert safely released back in to the wild after his whirlwind trip (inside and outside a house is a long way for a 2 inch caterpillar) I made the pastry and packed the filling in. Queen Mary of Berry was my recipe provider of choice, you can't go wrong really. 

40 minutes later and this bad boy came out. Look at that colour!

As for the pastry top decoration, do you see what I did there? It's an Apple Pi! Well, I thought it was funny.

I served up while it was still warm, with the choice of single cream or custard. Satisfaction or your money back.

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