Friday, 13 September 2013

Wirksworth Festival

Sunday is for taking your dog out for a long walk, driving slow, messy hair and family time. Last Sunday my folks and I headed down to the Wirksworth Festival in Derbyshire. 

Local artists occupy houses throughout the tiny town and throw open their doors to the public. 
Tiny winding paths lead off the main streets and there are lots of nooks and steps to explore.
Armed with a map we set off to rub shoulders with the artistes and fellow browsers.

The best thing is that there aren't just watercolour painters. Sculptors, ceramicists and jewellers all come out to peacock. 

Just look at this little fella with his old spanner hands!

I also loved this big globe-style swing seat. If I'd had a spare couple of hundred quid to hand and a big van I'd totally have bought this for sunny afternoons at home with a book.

Fish, chips and mushy peas.

It's extremely hilly in this part of the world. This hill was a killer! Flat shoes are a must, and it felt rather autumnal so I wore a blue blazer over a skater dress. You can see that we're in that awkward summer/autumn transition period as I'm still optimistically clinging to my summer sandals! 

Accessorising like a pro with my new Topshop arrow necklace and admission badge.

The climb is totally worth I for spectacular views like this. A hands on the hips, heavy sigh, surveying the land kind of moment. Imagine looking out of your front garden on to this!

Admission is £6 for adults and free for under-18s and the event is held annually. This is the second time I've been and definitely won't be the last. Escapism at its best.

I even treated myself to this birdcage poster for my future abode. I'm thinking a crisp white frame, to let the poster do the talking!

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