Monday, 28 October 2013

Cafe du Soleil

This weekend was a very special weekend indeed for me; I was finally reunited with my most bestest favouritest girl and old housemate Polly, after a total of 4 months apart. She has also recently started a brand spanking new degree in a totally new city too, but being the Wonder-woman that she is, she took the 3 trains and 2 bus journey to come to see me. She steamed in to Canterbury West on Friday evening, wine and Terry's Chocolate Orange in hand. (That's why I love her!)

After chattering excitedly and filling each other in the whole way home, we ate a speedy supper as it was soon time to don our spooky fancy dress outfits and head off in to the night to boogie with Kent's finest. 

After a very boozy first night I decided that it would be nice to show Polly the more cultured side of Canterbury. Where better to do so than at the Cathedral?

We made friends with Stuart the very friendly (and very very cute) steward, who told us that there was going to be a fun run through the city centre that evening, and wondered if that was what we were in town for. We chuckled and told him that we honestly most definitely would, if it hadn't been for our pre-made dinner plans. 

I had asked my trusted Canterburian coursemate where in the city centre I could go on Saturday night that did good food in sophisticated surroundings, that wouldn't break my student budget. Cafe du Soleil immediately came with the highest of recommendations!

After a long day of shopping, spending and being generally indulgent, we were famished and ready for a Meditteranean feast. The restaurant is right by the river, with punts going leisurely passing by the windows. 

Converted from an old barn, there are beams and rustic exposed brick, elegantly countered by twinkly fairy lights and contemporary furniture. We arrived at 8pm and were showed to our reserved table in the ideal spot at the side of the restaurant; this was the perfect time as it immediately started to get more energetic, busy and bustly. 

My beautiful date. That's a happy face if ever I saw one. Wine time!

Here I am smiling away for two reasons: first, the wine. Second because I am wearing my brand new Dorothy Perkins collared tea dress, with little geisha fans all over it.

Shortly after our wine had arrived, so did the starter. We went for a classic margherita pizza to share, and I'm glad we did. It was enormous! 

Hot, cheesy, thin crispy dough. My perfect pizza really. I had been told that Cafe du Soleil's pizzas were good, and I can confirm that this true! They're made in wood fired pizza ovens which I am told gets them super hot, hence the gooey lovely cheese. The kitchen is open meaning that you can see the chefs working away pushing and pulling them out with big pizza spades.

And finally, after the perfect interval, the main arrived. Both of us went for Moules Frites which were amazing. If I see moules on a menu, there's a 90% chance I'll go for them. 

Cooked in wine, cream & herbs. 

Chips with saffron aioli.

This feast made for two very full and very happy girls, all for a very reasonable price indeed! Which meant that we could wrap up once more and head out for grown up cocktails. The perfect girls' night! I probably won't get to see Polly again until at least Christmas as we are both so busy, but it was amazing to have her and show her around my new city and hear about her escapades. It's just as well she only stayed for the weekend really, my stomach is done for from laughing!

The restaurant offers a good discount for students throughout the week. If you are on the lookout for somewhere to take a friend or date in Canterbury to impress them I highly recommend Cafe du Soleil! 

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