Thursday, 10 October 2013


I was sitting on the edge of my bed when I had first arrived at uni, and all that was going through my head was "no, no, and nope". There was nothing wrong with the room functionally (except that the bed was blocking off my wardrobe door, disaster). The feng shui was all kinds of wrong and I felt that a reshuffle was in order. So, I enlisted the help of my new found friends and after an energetic 20 minutes my room was transformed. It's amazing how a little re-jiggle can yield so much more space *room for activities.

I've jumped about a lot, from home to uni halls, to a student house, home again, and finally back to halls in my academic career. But I think feeling that you have your own safe haven to go back to is a very important aspect of life at any stage, especially if you are a university student who is likely to be a long way from home.

Handmade fabric heart. These things are so easy and fun to make, and cost next to nothing. I think they look great and no two are the same.

I'm only going to be where I am now for a short time, and due to limited space I couldn't bring all that much with me, but I still wanted to put a few key things in my room as little features to make it feel a bit more 'me'. Here's what I've done to make my space a bit more cosy!

Everything is better with bunting. I wanted some for ages but the ones in the shops never seemed long enough. So my supermum came to the rescue and made me my very own - 2.5 metres long baby. 

I don't think this would look out of place in Cath Kidston. Once again, the beauty is that this homemade bunting cost pennies to make and no body in the whole world has the same. Win win!

Candles and tea lights are fantastic. Vanilla scented are my absolute favourite.

Fun hanging sign. Makes me smile every time I see this!

A full bookshelf. Books for work and books for pleasure, all good. 

You can never have too many hearts or pretty hanging things. This kills 2 birds with one stone! I think this one looks good in the window where it can catch the light.

And that's a little insight in to my uni room interior! None of the things I have used to decorate have cost me that much - I definitely don't think you have to spend loads to perk up your own little sanctuary. 

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