Saturday, 12 October 2013

Kitsch Kitchen

I love food. Eating it is obviously the highlight, but I really like cooking it, buying it and planning what I'm going to try out next. Lakeland is one of my favourite places in the universe!

Student houses are not famed for their good utensil or cookware selection, but I'm wasn't about to let that hinder my culinary experimentations. My housemate Livvy and I quickly realised we shared the same foodie leanings; we've already made nutty banana energy muffins and fig pizza together, and are already planning a gourmet burger session. Stay tuned for that!

Yesterday afternoon I took a trip in to Canterbury city centre for a lunch date with an old friend and afterwards I had time for a snoop around the shops. 

I needed a couple of bowls which could be used for pasta and noodles, but also for cereals and soup. They needed to be good quality china, aesthetically pleasing, and under £5 each. I laughed to myself as I walked in to Cath Kidston, but then I walked in to the sale section (literally, I think the cashier saw but she had the decency to pretend otherwise).

The perfect bowls! And just £4 each. I couldn't believe it.

I also picked these little lunch boxes from Paperchase. Much prettier than your average transparent Tupperware box. I plan on filling these with pasta salad or sliced fruit for snacking when I am having long days in the library and making everybody very jealous. Not in the sale this time but students get 10% off, so it's all good.

Just think how perfect this one will be for Paris! It's an investment, see.

Finally, in search of vanilla scented tea lights, I took an obligatory trip in to, ahem, *Poundland*. But I'm so glad I did as I found this delicious little tray!

All different flavours of Macaroons! At just £1 you genuinely cannot go wrong. I don't think it looks out of place alongside Paperchase's or Cath Kidston's offerings.

The great thing is that because Christmas is fast on the approach all the pretty gifty bits and bobs have landed. And my oh my are they pretty! I could have bought so much more, I think I was quite restrained really. It took strength to walk away from the matching teapot and cups and saucers. 

I'm all set to cook up a storm!

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