Saturday, 5 October 2013

My summer at home

I write this in a bit of a state of shock. I saw the film Lovelace at the cinema last night you see. It's about the life of the infamous adult movie actress Linda Lovelace portrayed by the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried. I won't give anything away, but my 5 word review of the movie would be that it is jaw droppingly eye openingly gutsy; it deals very well with some tricky issues, so I would recommend. Though probably not with your parents! You have been warned.

Anyway that is just what I got up to last night. Yesterday I had a very successful first meeting with my course friends (*ooo course fwiends* mocked my housemates) and had a delicious Mexican meal at a restaurant nearby. 

I feel as though I have done a tonne of things since moving to uni. Big things and little things, but far too many to mention them all. Time is going very fast.

So I thought I would take a much needed half an hour or so to chill, to remember and reflect on the fantastic summer I had and which I spent at home.

This was the first summer since GCSEs which I had nothing specific to do, no job and no course work to prepare. Just me enjoying being. And I loved it! Here are just a few of my favourite snaps, camera and Instagram sourced. 

Lady Tabitha getting a manicure

Gorgeous new shabby chic necklace rack

Blackberry muffins made with hand picked berries

Very successful first attempt at homemade pizza!

Favourite cosmic Urban Outfitters skirt. One of (if not the) star pieces of the summer.

Meow, feed me!!!

Getting going with my new camera!

Sometimes we all need to take a much needed moment in our hyper-busy to look about ourselves and gather our thoughts! I'm making a conscious effort to do so more often. I hope you enjoyed your summer as much as I did mine.

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