Friday, 8 November 2013

Angels Haul: Winter Edition

The advance of Winter equals the need for a major sartorial update. I am not one of those people who dislikes winter, oh contraire, I love it when it starts to get chilly. It means you can hunt out the new season coats, new boots, gloves, hats, scarves... see how easy it is to get carried away. I have been wanting to do this post for well over a month now, I have to confess, but I feel that now the time is right to show you guys what I've picked up for my Winter wardrobe. 

I freed up an afternoon for my shopping mission and hit Canterbury high street. Naturally I went in to all the major chain stores, but I wasn't really having all that much success. That was until I walked past a little boutique named Angels. I eyed up the front of the shop from the outside not entirely sure what they sold or even what it was, the exterior is quite understated; but when once you step inside there's no mistaking it as anything but a luxurious boutique. This is a strong statement, but I would go as far to say the best boutique I have ever been in to. Gorgeous individual pieces in all different styles, ages and all at unbelievably reasonable prices. I was in my element, I actually spent 1.5 hours in here chatting to the staff who are all just lovely. I have never been in the shop before, but decided to call this post the 'Winter Edition' as I assure you that there will be further editions in the future from this little place!

I could have gone crazy and bought twice as much as I did, but instead I decided to stick to a few key pieces that I absolutely love that will really spruce up my Winter outfits and that will go with the stuff I already have. So here goes!

Nude Ankle Boots
These babies were the first thing that caught my attention. I was gushing over them for about five minutes, I made sure that I held on to them just in case another sneaky shopper pinched them! They were just £30.99. I needed a pair of ankle boots, and I just think this colour is so classy and different, especially with the gold heel. I was wearing a black tea dress, black tights and black blazer at the time, which I think looked really good! I will dress these up with my other dresses and tights, and down with straight blue jeans and a cardigan.

Gold Bow Loafer/Pumps
Next up in the shoe stakes are these little beauties. I have a bit of a thing for loafers at the moment, but I find that some of them are a bit too casual for my style. I like simple things that are easy to wear, which look like you've made an effort. I think these shoes are the poster-child of that. They are so comfortable and I love the luxe look of the bow decoration.
They could be £40+ from Zara, right? Nope, just £16.99. I will wear these all the time with a dress or skirt and fur coat, or black jeans for a more casual day look. I also love the shape of the toe, not rounded and not pointed, just right.

Big Fluffy Cardy
The snuggliest item award goes to this big fuzzy piece of fluff. I fell in love with this as soon as I laid eyes on it. The waterfall effect is really flattering. There are so many things I can wear this with, for example the pairs of shoes above! It's super warm, so will keep me toasty walking to and from campus, and I really like the funky pattern too. The almost hairy look is really cool too I think. It was £36.99 but I will pretty much live in this until it starts to get warmer again, so it's an investment piece! With this and the other items too, I like the fact that it's a bit different to the stuff in the high street chain shops. 

Nude Leather Gloves
Just look at those pom-poms. They're adorable aren't they?! I have always liked the look if leather gloves, but I think that the plain black ones look a bit boring and potentially a bit older than my age. However I think these are the perfect compromise between sophisticated an fun (the fun being the fluff!) The colour of these are gorgeous and will go so well with my boots. They're not real leather, so were £16.99. I think they're very ladylike, and I probably won't take these off all winter either!

What new bits have you bought for your Winter wardrobe? 

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