Wednesday, 13 November 2013


At the weekend my parents took the 220 mile dash all the way from Yorkshire, down the A1 to come and visit me and suss out my new home. It was bloomin' brilliant catching up with them and showing them around Canterbury; they were very impressed with the whole situation, and I was treated like a Queen the whole time.

To say my family like their grub is a bit of an understatement, we like just about everything. However, I don't think that anything says Friday night more than a banquet at a curry house. After being on the road for 4 and a half hours my parents arrived and whisked me out in search of liquid refreshments and more importantly, a curry feast. 

Kashmir Tandoori on Palace St. slap bang in the centre of Canterbury is everything a good curry house should be. Cosily lit, with a good energy and a menu that just keeps on going and going. Curry and lager is a match made in heaven, or so I'm told, but sadly I'm not a lager girl in any way. I'd like to be, I think being the sort of girl who drinks pints would be sort of cool, but unfortunately I'm not sold just now; it's Kopparberg all the way, baby. 

After scouring the menu, our waiter returned after the fourth attempt to take our order. We couldn't decide in between happily chatting away, and these are the sorts of decisions that shouldn't be rushed! 

One conclusion was drawn fairly speedily though. Poppadoms and pickle are an absolute necessity. 

And onion bhajis. They gave us plenty of sauces with our poppadoms, so the leftovers were perfect to dip these crispy little balls of goodness in to.

Shortly after the starters the warming plates arrived, always a good sign; almost instantly we were presented with the main event. Here we have King Prawn Bhuna (right) and Lamb Garlic Tikka Masala, which was the most amazing red. We each picked out our own, but always end up sharing between each other and trying all of them. 

I'm glad we did because the surprise dish of the night for me was my the chicken and dhal (lentil) dish that we ordered. So delicious! I would never have gone for it myself but it was so good, I'd definitely pick it next time. 

My Dad was impatient and couldn't wait for me to take a picture before diving in!
Peshwari (my fave!) and Garlic naans, and pilau rice were the perfect accompaniments.

Even though we were full to bursting, there's always room for dessert! This real little coconut shell filled with coconut icecream was light and tasty, and a perfect end to the feast.

The next installment from the weekend will be along the way very shortly. Have you tried any good curry houses recently?