Friday, 1 November 2013

Skeletons and Pumpkins and Bats

Oh my!!! I hope that you all had a fabulous, fiendish and frightening time whatever you got up to last night. 

For me, University Halloweens are by far and away the best Halloweens I've ever had, period. It's sort of an unspoken guarantee that there will be at least one gargantuan party going on, and because we're all students it doesn't matter what day of the week Halloween actually falls on, we're students with stupid amounts of free time so it's all good! Everybody goes above and beyond with their outfit efforts trying to out-do the competition, and there are some truly genius costume ideas. My favourite spot of this year was definitely a group of freshers as the cast of the Wizard of Oz, and another as a bunch of bananas. Simple but effective. I think group fancy dress is the hardest to pull off but the most effective if it's done well! 

My posse dressed up as a Victorian circus. I was the snake-charmer, not particularly Victorian I know, but I got to wear harem pants, head jewels and a Britney-style snake draped round my shoulders! My housemate Livvy also looked amazing as the Ring Master; she wore a top hat, corset and even sewed a tailcoat for her blazer!

Livvy is pretty big on Halloween, and I like any occasion where there's an excuse to have a party, so we thought we deserved a fun afternoon off, away from reading and writing up seminar notes, so our afternoon was fully dedicated to getting in to the Halloween spirit! 

First of all, we decked out the kitchen in the cheesiest decorations that the pound shop had to offer. Pumpkin fairy lights, sticky skeletons and 'enter if you dare signs'! Skeletons, pumpkins and bats were definitely (inadvertently) our theme.

We dominated the kitchen and spent our afternoon messing around, sipping 'witches brew cocktails' made of blood orange juice and rum with floating eveballs (green grapes). We made all kinds of ghoulish treats, whilst listening to Alice Cooper's spooky Halloween set on Planet Rock fm, the perfect soundtrack!

Firstly we hollowed out pumpkins saved the seeds to roast. Roasted pumpkin seeds taste amazing, so never throw them out! 

Just drizzle with olive oil, pop on a baking tray and roast at 180c/gas 4 for 45 mins. It's a bit fiddly to excavate them but stick with it. They can be eaten as a snack, put in muffins, tea loaves or saved in the store cupboard for later. Thrifty and delicious.

My favourite treats by far were the Spiced Pumpkin muffins! Look at the colour of those babies. 

The recipe uses canned pumpkin and can be found here only had 6 silicone muffin cases so it took rather a long time to make the lot, it's a good job we had time to spare. When they were still warm we delivered a batch to our delighted neighbours; they didn't last long!

Then there were our Spiced Sugar Cookies. Lacking proper cookie cutters we enlisted the help of friends to cut them freehand resulting in the crudest looking Halloween cookies ever! 

Again lots of skulls, pumpkins and bats. Still tasty though! This is the link to the recipe we used

Here's Livvy looking very pleased with her pumpkin artistry in her cute batty Halloween-themed jumper! All ready to be lit...

Happy Halloween everyone!


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    1. Thank you my dear! They're literally so easy to make, I can't recommend highly enough. You my very first comment too I'm actually so happy :)