Monday, 4 November 2013

The Garden of England

Just look at that view. Isn't it simply gorgeous? I'm lucky enough to be able to say that that is the view I have from my University, Canterbury Cathedral and the City tucked beyond the trees and hills.

Kent is known the world over as 'The Garden of England'. I can safely say I agree, the bit of it I've seen so far has been very green and very pretty indeed. The air is starting to become a tad more chilly and the leaves are beginning to go that beautiful goldeny brown.

At the weekend my housemate and I filled up our flasks and walked the short walk down the hill to the city. In need of early Christmas present inspiration (I know, it's early November, but I like to get ahead of the game) we headed out in the morning sunshine. There are all sorts of farmers markets and artisan stalls in Canterbury to plunder. I picked up some absolutely lovely bits, but just in case any one in particular is reading this I'm keeping the rest under my hat!

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