Tuesday, 26 November 2013

What's In My Handbag?

I think it's about time that I did this post. I know we all love having a nosey about in people's wardrobes, rooms, bags... And I'm no exception. My bag is a J&D Paris one, I don't know whether many of you guys will recognise the make, but you'll probably have seen them at some point or another - they're stocked in my favourite fashion boutique at home and do really good quality luxe-look bags, that look like they should be much more expensive than they are! This on was around £35 if I remember rightly (I have two or three more..!) 

I absolutely love this bag - it's perfect for the days like today when I'm on campus at uni, carrying it round putting cumbersome notebooks and textbooks in, and also just for general use. So without further ado let's go inside! This is sort of a 'What's In My Handbag - Campus Edition', all the things I need with me for long uni days like today.

First up are the essentials like my purse. Mine is an LYDC London one - again from the little boutique in my village. I bought it back in the summer for just £14. It's perfect because it's got lots of card holding compartments, receipt section and a separate coin zipped up part. I like the kitsch, cheerful cupcake design too. Obviously my iPhone is always bobbing around in my bag, and a pair of headphones are a must, but you all know what those look like so I'll leave that to your imagination. My iPhone case is pretty cool - it's a Jelly Belly red cherry one, which used to smell of cherries but doesn't any more. True story.

Second up is my stamp design notebook that I jot down all my meetings, assignments, ideas and stuff in. All the things I need to remember goes in this. I love this, it cost me just £4 from an artisans handmade market in Canterbury centre a couple of weeks ago. When I fill this up I will just get a new notebook to go in the case!

My pencil case is possibly the most high school pencil case in all the world. It's a throwback to school days where we could only have see throught pencil cases in exams, and I've just kind of stuck with it until now! There's no faffing around looking for the pen you want. There's my pink Stabilo, straight to it. No messing about! I think it's kind of trendy in its own geeky way.

I have to say I don't really go for all that much makeup for my daytime look, I prefer a more fresh faced kind of thing. (Partly because I'm lazy and would ether have the extra 20 minutes in bed!) I always wear mascara and a little nude sparkly No. 7 eyeshadow though, and I love my lip glosses - they have to be nice ones though that don't go funky on your lips. Not nice!

I have been loving my Clarins Instant Gloss lip gloss lately; it enhances the natural colour of your lips and moisturises them at the same time. The level of glossiness is perfect, and makes you look like you've gone to a lot of effort, when you really haven't. Always good!

I also like to have this Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer with me, just in case. It's discrete and easy peasy to use if any skin disasters pop up during the day.

Next up, I nearly always take a pre-made packed lunch with me when I go in to uni - but I often get nibbly throughout the day, especially if I'm in the library or in long seminars. I would like to lie and say I only ever have fruit and healthy snacks, but that would be a big old lie guys. I can honestly say I eat pretty healthily most of the time but sometimes you just need something to keep you going you see. Crisps and chocolate are sound choices for those pesky inevitable sweet and savoury revision-induced cravings.

And that's about it! I'm also never without my faithful Paperchase lightweight umbrella that I can just pop in and forget about. If you live in the UK and don't have one then why the hell don't you own one. They are the bees knees.
I hope you enjoyed having a peek in my university-day bag! I enjoyed showing you, and best of all it made me throw out all the receipts and random bits I had hoarded. 

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