Monday, 23 December 2013

Beauty Review - Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner by No7

Seasons greetings everybody! I hope you're all getting very excited for Father Christmas coming, he'll be starting to do his final checks and packing up soon! I have finished uni and am now back in the bonny North with my family for a nice relaxing Christmas at home. I have absolutely loved my first term in Canterbury, but I'm glad to be home for a little while to recharge my batteries and recoup. I've missed being cooked for and cuddles with my cat!

When I get home I'm always bowled over by my Mum's generosity. Picture this typical scene... Mum: 'Jen, do you like this scarf I'm wearing? It's new.' Me: 'Oh yes Mum, I do, it's very pretty.' Mum: 'Would you like it?' This happens so often! With absolutely evething. Shoes, jumpers, perfume, lipstick. Though with the makeup stuff 99% of the time she doesn't use it before she offers it to me. She says she's in a makeup rut, so is constantly acquiring different bits and bobs to change it up, but never ends up changing her makeup regime at all and the products either go unused, sold or given to me. Though I'm not complaining! Today I want to talk about the lastest beauty item I obtained under these circumstances. 

I can't be without my liquid eyeliner and my Mum has always complimented me on the different ways I do my flicks. In the past she's asked my to try it on her bit she's never thought the one I use is quite right on her. So she got Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner by No7 as an alternative. 

It's a pen rather than a brush so technically should be a little easier to manoeuvre around the eye. Plus it shouldn't run like a liquid eyeliner would. Here's how I'm getting on with it!

First I started with a smidge of Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in Sand 030. I normally prefer mousse foundations but this one I have got a real soft spot for. 

I then started to draw starting on the inside and working out. The pen says 'carbon black for extreme colour' but I found that you have to apply some pressure to get it to look darker. I actually prefer it a little less intense because I think this makes it perfect for daywear. You can always give it another coat for a bit of eye-drama for evenings! 

I did feel like I was using a colouring-in pen on my eyes, but with these results that's not so much if a bad thing! 

Et voila! Perfect flicks. I think this is a great product; I am yet to be disappointed by an offering from No7. At just £8 from Boots this is an absolute steal. I just hope that it doesn't dry out like a felt tip does. I'll be sure to put the lid back on as soon as I'm done with it. Stay Precise has given me perfect eye flicks for the party season! 

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