Friday, 6 December 2013

Benefit's World Famous Neutrals Review

I'm a big fan of Benefit, particularly their eyeshadow palletes. I have owned a couple in the past, which were both beyond excellent, so when I got the World Famous Neutrals palette I was eager to see how it would match up. As I have mentioned, I am a natural-makeup during the day girl through and through, and Benefit are the absolute kings of natural hues, matte eye tones and general fresh faced awesomeness so I had to get one right?

The kit costs £23.50, but it is Benefit so you know it's the bloomin good stuff. I have never been disappointed with any offering of theirs yet. You get 4 different eyeshadow and 2 eyeshadow creams/mousses.

The best thing by far about this little beauty is the fact that it offers you a day look and a night look, daytime or playtime, with a tutorial for each one in 4 easy peasy steps. I feel like a makeup artist when I'm putting it on! This pallete is great if like me, sometimes you lack the creativity when it comes to your makeup. They talk you through it all the way, so if you're not the greatest in the world at doing makeup they hold your hand the whole way.

I personally love the daytime one because it's so sophisticated and fresh looking. A base coating of 'Birthday Suit' cream, then a little blending of 'It's Complicated', finished off with a sweeping of 'Call My Buff' across the brow bone. Dreamy!

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