Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started for me with me being shaken awake (as all Christmas Days should). Except it wasn't my brother or cousin or dog doing the shaking, it was my Mum. "He's been, he's been!!" she squeaked. So I hopped out I bed and headed in to the sun room to see if she was right.

The first thing I got a visual on was the Pimms. Santa you're off to a gooood start!

Christmas Day breakfast in our house is always smoked salmon on brown bread and lemon wedges, with plenty of Buck's Fizz. Nothing says Merry Christmas like drinking far too much alcohol and starting early!

My big brother was at his girlfriend's which was a bit weird, but I wasn't complaining about the extra fuss that was made of me. The present opening frenzy quickly began. 

Wrapping paper everywhichwere!

My favourite ever perfume! Father Christmas had seen my Reb'l Fleur perfume review and had made a special note. He's a clever, sneaky old devil like that!

Grandma also got some perfume which she seemed very happy with... Called, wait for it, Sensuous Nude!! She's got a cracking sense of humour so she was chortling about it for a good 10 minutes. She's a little chocolate monster aswell so I got her a big box of posh chocs which she was cockahoop with. Look at that little face.

Dad well and truly eyeing up the plonk I bought him from Selfridges.

Me with the amazing Joy The Baker's cookbook! I think she's the bees knees and one of the best things that has come out of the blogosphere. Hopefully I can be as good as Joy one day!

The beautifully laid table. We didn't bother with crackers this year... Mum gave us scratch cards! Much better. And Grandma won a fiver!

Mum carving the turkey. She's always tasked with the carving of the joint in our house (sorry Dad) but it's bit really hard to see why - look at that technique.

Dad dousing the Christmas pud with Courvousier. I am not a fan of it whatsoever, so luckily my Uncle's star of a housemate Mark, who happens to be a baker and pudding-maker extraordinaire made Banana Cream Pie and, my absolute fave, his Tiramisu. You haven't lived until you've tried Mark's Tira! I'd live off the stuff if I could, and that's no lie.


And finally, as I was happily going through my snaps I found this... a good goofy drunken Christmas Day selfie with my Mum! Happy Christmas one and all.