Monday, 16 December 2013

Fragrance Review - Be Delicious by DKNY

I loved doing my first perfume review last week, so I just couldn't wait any longer before doing my next one! There are so many things that make us happy, and one of the things that brings a big smile to my face is breaking open the seal of a new perfume, especially if it's one I've not tried before. And that's where this one comes in; I'd heard many, many great things about this scent, both from magazines (seriously, you cannot open up an issue of Glamour mag without seeing a sultry ad just teasing you to buy this fragrance... And my favourite beauty blogs too were full of praise). I just couldn't wait to get stuck in once I'd finally got paws on it. 

My sources (the Donna Karen New York site FYI) told me that 'Be Delicious' was in fact the first DKNY perfume for women. The top notes it says are green with hints of violet leaf, apple (of course), grapefruit and magnolia. The heart of the fragrance consists of tuberose, lily of the valley, violet and rose. And the scents undertones include just a hint if amber, sandalwood and musk. 

A lot to fit in to one fragrance indeed, so here's how I got on with the perfume myself. This is a real 'make me smile' kind of scent. The first thing that it reminds me of is, wait for it, fresh apples; the smell is just so clean, fruity and fresh. The box notes a lot of flowery undertones but I personally found the fragrance to be much more fruity than floral. 

The smell lasts a decent length of time - when I put it on in the morning for the test I could still detect lovely fruity hints of it in the evening when I got home. Two good squirts of this stuff is plenty, so even though there is only 30ml in this particular bottle it should last me very well. A good job seeing as this size bottle comes in at £34.99.

The bottle is classy and is lovely to the touch. The glass is tinted Granny Smith-green to add to the overall 'Big Apple' appley theme. The colour of the glass is a nice teaser to let you know you're in for a zesty treat once you get inside to the scent.

And crucially the pump spray functions perfectly. All in all my verdict is that this is a delicious scent which is perfect for daywear because of its light, fresh and clean smell. 

I would recommend highly and would definitely purchase this product again in the future!

Has anyone else tried or thought about trying out DKNY Be Delicious?


  1. My mom adores this fragrance! ^_^

    Jane from 22 Farthings