Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fragrance Review - Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna

I'm a bit of a perfume floozy. There, I said it. At the age of 21 I have not found my 'soul', or indeed 'sole' fragrance. At the moment I have no less than 3 perfumes on the go, and I choose from them depending on what mood I'm in (or the first one that comes to my hand when I am in a hurry!) 

My favourite womens' fragrance of all time is actually 'Narciso Rodriguez For Her', and I've been privileged enough to own 2 bottles of stuff in the past. It is a little whiff of heaven, in my opinion. However, the price is sadly rather high for this student's non-existent pay packet, and weirdly it seems only to be available in airports?! And online now too of course. But I feel as though at least for now I should continue the hunt for my fragrance and try to commit if I find one that's 'me'. So here goes, let's see what the Dutty Wining, Bogle-meister, Ri-Ri, is bringing to the dressing table.

Celebrity fragrances always have a way of sparking my curiosity. I'm pretty sure that the stars who lend their faces to these scents have very little input with regards to the way that the perfume turns out, and certainly not what goes in to it. Nevertheless, I'm always intrigued to see and more importantly smell what a celebrity deems worthy of bearing her namesake.

From the musical world, I've tried scents by BeyoncĂ©, Britney, J Lo, Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry (told you I was easy in the perfume stakes!) So far my favourite by a country mile is 'Live' by J Lo. A sexy scent that lasts all day long and still smells so good, even without reapplying. 

I am unashamedly a big fan of Rihanna's tuneage - her music is near enough the soundtrack to my whole undergraduate uni experience! 

So, the perfume. The box notes red berries, plums, peaches, Hawaiin hibiscus flower, violet, tuberose, coconut water, vanilla, amber and musk. When I put it on I immediately detected the feminine, floral side of it, with secondary tones of berries and vanilla. Overall, it's fresh, clean and simple. Just what you want from an elegant ladies' perfume. Two good squirts of this is plenty so the bottle should last quite a long time.

With regards I the bottle, it's a sophisticated, streamlined trumpet shape made of clear glass with a black design which goes around the bottle. The cap is black with a gold edge. The bottle doesn't make a fuss, and the stuff inside does the talking, just how I like it. I hate it when it's the other way round! 

Overall, I think this perfume is... awesome! Fan of Rihanna or not, I think this perfume is a great product in its own rite. Not bad for a purely random pick from Boots' perfume section!

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