Sunday, 12 January 2014

Chick Chick Chicken, Lay a Little Egg For Me

Or at least I think that's how the old song goes. Today I want to introduce you properly to a very special group of girls in my life. They are from the feathery side of the family, but nevertheless they are a very important part of the crew. I popped my wellies on and waited until the rain had stopped (for about 5 minutes) and grabbed my camera to take some snaps of my photogenic ladies.

It's the chickens! 

Having chickens is amazing. My mum had always dreamed of keeping them and after we moved to our new house she finally went for and, and has never looked back for one second!

They're such lovely pets and so friendly. My favourite is when they run up to you to greet you when they see you. Like this...

They're so funny too! They cluck and talk to you, which is great for strange people like me who like to chat to poultry. Anyways I will now show you where the girls live. Their house is the height of chicken luxury. Check this out. It's called a 'Chick Cube'.

It's has a solar powered door that comes down after the girls have gone in and settled down at night to keep them safe and sound. 
And the best bit is that it has a special drawer that pulls out so you can see if they've left any presents for you...

So exciting when you open up the drawer! They lay 2 eggs a day at the moment.

And when you have eggs backing up, there's only one thing to do in my opinion. Make lots of tasty lunches! The eggs are free range and because the chickens are so well-fed I think that the eggs taste so much better than standard shop-bought ones. They're so bright inside. Under-18s should look away now because there's some serious egg-porn coming up. 

Still with me? Ok then cheeky, feast your eyes on this.

Have you ever seen something so beautiful? I just fancied dippy eggs and soldiers. Full on satisfaction. I don't have it often enough!

The girls are definitely helping out with my healthy-eating pledge of 2014. They are the pets that just keep on giving.
When I get back home later this year I will have much more time to make eggy creations - watch out for some tasty recipe posts when I do.

See you in a bit guys, I'm off to pack for Paris!

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