Friday, 24 January 2014

Hipster Cats Sweater

Last time I blogged I told you about the fantastic afternoon I spent with my housemate in the Marais. It was seriously awesome, so good in fact that I would quite happily fill another blog post with photos I took of things I thought were interesting or weird and generally gushing about my day, but I'll save it for my next Skype victim.

However, I do want to show you what I bought at one of the vintage shops that way on. Get ready for the nineties-est, hipster-iest, cosy, catsy, comfy jumper you e'er did see.

I hadn't had one of those love at first sight moments with a piece of clothing for all too long, and then bam, boom, this little beauty wandered in to my vision and swept me off my feet. 

Just look at the cats! I've called this my cat hipster sweater because the cats are actually the hipsters (I have to confess, but don't tell anyone, I'm still not 100% sure what a hipster actually is...) but I reckon if there was a hipster cat it would look like one of these fellas. 

Then just when I thought I couldn't love it any more, I went ahead and turned it over to pull it over my head and try it on...  just you check this out...

Cats' bottoms! Isn't it just so brilliant?! I hadn't even got out of the shop and the girl behind me in the queue was praising my geeky jumper choices (I actually think she might have been eyeing it up out of the corner of her eye hoping I would decide against buying it and abandon it so she could move in... But I could not let this one go! For €25 this was the ultimate steal.

The purple is great for a bit of a colour pop. This will look the business with blue jeans and some boots/vans/trainers of any creed for a casj day at uni look. Also, it sort of reminds me of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but I can't put my finger on why..!

I will be back to the Pompidou Centre for a trip this week so I might have to pop back in to have a quick peek inside. It would be rude not to call in! I hope to post soon about some more fantastique vintage shop finds.

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