Monday, 27 January 2014

L'as Du Fallafel

Street food is amazing. The variety of stuff you can get your hands on is fantastic, from hotdogs, to burgers, crepes, nuts, flatbreads, the lot, and it's generally not too expensive either. Everything just seems to taste better in the open air out of paper wrapping. Today's post is all about one kind of street food in particular that is becoming more and more popular: fallafel. It might have had a reputation as hippie-food or strictly vegetarian cuisine before, but thankfully that image is slowly being shed because fallafel has been a lot more trendy in London recently. But according to my sources, Paris is head and shoulders above in the fallafel department. 

Fallafel, or falafel, for those who might be unsure about what it is exactly (I know I didn't have a clue), comes from the Middle-East. It's made of ground-up chickpeas, deep-fried and served with humous and crunchy salad in pita bread, and it is deee-liscious.

Back in November, my coursemates and I were brought to Paris for the day on a visit (as you do) and for lunch we were told that we would be treated to fallafel from the place that does the best fallafel in Paris: L'as Du Fallafel.

It was so good that my boyfriend Jules and I had to return for another fix. Hidden down this beautiful little side street called Rue des Rosiers, just around the corner from the Pompidou Centre in the 4th arrondissement, L'as Du Fallafel draws in big crowds considering it is such a little place.

There is even a cordon outside and a man waiting to take your order because of the amount of people who come to eat here. You go up to him and place your order, then you get a ticket and wait for your food to be made up in front of you behind the window, kind of Starbucks-style. 

We both went for the Fallafel Special, which is their signature dish. For €5.50 you get about 5 fallafels, aubergine (or eggplant, which is my absolute favourite!), nestled on top of a load of salad and veggies, all topped with the most delicious humous, in a pita bread. Heavenly. 

Just grab a fork and a napkin, huddle yourself away in one of the street's many recesses and you're ready to dig in! 

While you eat you can gaze at all the  beautiful street art along the rue and people watch till your heart's content. It is such an attractive and vibrant street! Another reason why I love the Marais district. 

We went at about 4:30pm so it was less busy than when we came in November, so one thing that I would say is if it is during peak lunch time hours be prepared for a queue or a bit of a wait... But it is so worth it! Another thing I would advise is go when you are hungry. These are not small portions!

After we had eaten, the drizzle from earlier on had well and truly gone away, so we went to stretch our legs and walk off our late lunch. 

The brilliant thing is that it is so central, because Notre Dame is just 5-minutes' walk away! A perfect afternoon of good food, good sightseeing, and good company. I will be back to L'as Du Fallafel as soon as I can; I think I am going to try to bring anyone who visits me to get food there to try and recruit more fallafel fans! 


  1. Omg that looks so yummy! The photos of the streets are gorgeous too, very jealous!
    Lucy x
    La Lingua : Food + Life in Milano

    1. Thank you Lucy! If you are in the Marais you absolutely must try! It's soo good :) x