Thursday, 30 January 2014

Surrealist Art and Vin Rouge

I've been in Paris for over 2 weeks now. How did that happen?! Paris isn't just home to some of the best macaroons, pastries and clothes shops, it's also home to some of the best art galleries in the world, with works by hundreds of world-famous painters, sculptors, architects, the list is infinite. When you need a little dose of Parisian culture, art galleries are the perfect place to wander round, soak up the sophistication, and shelter from the rain!

I absolutely love art and galleries - the best thing is that for under-25s you can get in completely free of charge! I'm doing a literature module on Modernism but as part of this we are encouraged to look at the art which inspired, and was inspired by, these writers. So yesterday morning, drizzly and grey as it was (oh Paris, come on and show me some sun rays!), I grabbed my brolly and shimmied on down to the Pompidou Centre again to meet my classmates to check out the 'Le Surréalisme et L'objet' exhibition.

The views from the top of the Pomp are incredible, it's just a shame about the weather here because right in the distance hidden behind the raindrops is the Eiffel Tower! I'm definitely coming back on a brighter day because you can see all the rooftops of Paris from up here and all the way along to the Sacre Coeur. 

I'm undecided about the outside of the Pompidou Centre, but not about the inside. It's airy and arty and it has a great buzzy feeling inside. It's probably the place I've been in most so far, because it's so inviting (and the wi-fi is free).

Inside the surrealism exhibition. The lighting is made up of highlights and lowlights, and the use of words projected on the floor and shadows I thought were really interesting.

If I learnt one thing, the surrealist art movement involved lots and lots of mannequins. Kinda weird, but great to photograph! 

The shadow effect behind this piece was really cool. Livvy seemed more interested in the fox.

I remember seeing this Salvador Dali piece in an artbook just the day before (you can't easily forget a lobster telephone) so I got rather excited when I spotted it inside the exhibit. He always does some super weird stuff; I can't wait till I go to the Dali Museum, where I'm headed next week!

The surrealism exhibit is a temporary one that runs until the 3rd of March, but there is a permanent collection too which is well worth a look (I actually preferred te permanent stuff because the surrealism was just a bit too surreal for me!)

I didn't have chance to do a thorough inspection which is a shame, but I'll be back on another rainy day. Here are some of the bits from the main collection that caught my eye.


My absolute fave thing in the whole gallery was this crazy cave that you can go inside and explore. Livvy and I spent ages in here taking pictures and jumping from platform to platform, it was such an awesome surprise! 

Soon after this we were arted and jumped out, so we headed to a bakery for pastries and hot chocolates to recharge our batteries. The rest of the afternoon was spent dodging the rain by hopping in and out French bookshops and a trip to Shalespeare and Co. when we realised we hadn't paid a visit yet, and when we were fed up of not being able to read any of the French books.

In my opinion there was only one way to finish off our day of sophisticated arty/bookyness, and that was with a glass of vin rouge in our beloved Marais district. 

We found a little shabby chic brasserie and tucked ourselves away in the corner for more gossiping and people watching.

I have a big day ahead of me today as I finally move in to my very own French flat. I'm not looking forward to the packing or the moving but once I am there I can finally properly unpack my suitcase. I can't wait to show you round when I'm there. Wish me luck!


  1. Eek how exciting! Good luck with the move x

  2. Thank you! Thankfully I made it safe and sound :) x