Tuesday, 18 February 2014

City of Light

I'm a very very lucky girl indeed. This year I got to spend Valentine's Day where I'm currently living, in the most romantic city in the world... little old Paris. Throughout the whole day there were red roses and love hearts everywhere, and queues outside patisseries, florists and lingerie shops out the door which snaked down the street, with people buying last minute presents for their Valentines. 

There was a lovely excitable atmosphere which didn't fail to give me a warm feeling inside and put a smile on my face. The amount of men I saw clutching big bouquets of flowers during rush hour on the Metro to protect them from getting bashed was so funny! You've never seen concentration like it. 

I got up very late and had a very leisurely morning and afternoon, by which time I was getting rather peckish. Normally I'm the one who has a burning desire to do something or just generally chooses where we go and when, but it was definitely time for a day off and let myself e told what to do. So my boyfriend and I mosied on down to the Hotel de Ville, which is a skip and a jump's distance from the river. We wandered along, chatting and not really going anywhere particular, and it was lovely. I had wrapped up as warm as I could (dress, cardigan, blazer and favourite cream coat!) but the weather had amazingly been very kind; really mild and, more importantly, dry. 

Hotel de Ville ice rink and carousel twinkling and looking beautiful.

After a little while walking we nipped into a cute little brasserie just off the main road. It had been tastefully Valentined up inside, with single red roses and scattering petals wrapped up in pretty parcels on each table, which I got to keep after the meal! An overly confident waiter showed us to a table in the middle of the restaurant, handed us each a menu and took our drinks orders. My bf is a good boy and doesn't drink at all, which I have to say definitely influences my drink choices when I am out with him - not that he'd mind if I drank in the slightest. I haven't had a drink since Christmas and I really actually don't miss it at all! Maybe if I was round my parents that would all change - they really like a drink. They're visiting in 2 weeks' time (can't wait!) so I'll let you know how I get on..!

I had a delicious Croque Monsieur and salad and Jules had the biggest, juiciest chicken burger you've ever seen and garlic chips, which I may or may not have helped him out with (I did). I was too distracted by the date and the food to take pictures but take it from me it was magnificent. 

The Seine all alight. 

For pudding I was also taken to Haagen-Dazs next to the Notre Dame cathedral for ice cream, which was insanely good. I chose vanilla caramel brownie, and the best thing is that you can choose extra toppings for no charge. I went for melted dark chocolate and chopped roasted macadamia nuts. Deeeericious!


By this time it was dark, which was perfect for the next thing on our agenda. We hopped on the Metro and popped up at Trocadero. I've always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower at night, and boy was it worth the wait. 

Paris is a beautiful city by day, but Paris at night... Wow. It's just breathtaking! I had the best Valentine's Day I could have hoped for. Jules and I are already planning our return to Trocadero togwther to recapture this view. For me it's without question the best place to see the Eiffel Tower, and even better at night. Especially because every hour on the hour it does this... 

The photo doesn't really do it justice, but the thing I want to get across is that it goes crazy: sparkly psychedelic flashing and all. It's pretty cool is what I'm saying!

I hope you also had a fantastic Valentine's Day wherever in the world you were.

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