Friday, 7 February 2014

Dali's Melty Clocks

First of all, I just want to say the weather on Monday. Wow! Hands down the best I have seen since arriving in Paris. It was ideal weather for a morning amble up to the Espace Dali museum, nestled at the top of butte Montmarte, via the Sacre Coeur. The best thing was that it's just a 15 minute walk from my flat!

Perfect blue skies. It was incredible just to look out over Paris without a cloud to be seen, and see for miles and miles.

I might have spent a little too much time gazing at the beautiful views; we had to hurry on our way as our Dali tour was to start at 10am on the dot. I was so excited to visit the Dali museum which has always been really high on my Paris hitlist. I'm a big Picasso fan and Salvador Dali has a similar story to his - growing up in Spain and then moving to Paris to be an artist, and getting really good. So when I got the opportunity to have a private tour of the gallery I leapt!

Once again we rendezvoused as a course and bustled inside. The Espace Dali is small but feels very intimate. We had a brilliant tour guide, whose name in unfortunately didn't catch, and she did a brilliant job of telling us about the different pieces inside and giving us juicy little snippets about Salvador Dali's life.

I was most excited to see these... His famous melting clocks! They are so weird and I think they're fantastic. They are so recognisable the world over and each one is unique. It was a privilege to be able to get up so close to them.

There were loads of other things alongside his clocks, such as paintings and sculptures inspired by Alice in Wonderland, which Dali apparently had a a bit of an a obsession with.

I would highly recommend having a look for yourself. Dali's work has inspired so many different people and movements. I didn't know it but he designed the famous Chupa Chups logo. Our guide even showed us pictures from Lady Gaga's performances to show us how Dali inspired her stage designs ad constumes, and even Wario from Mario Kart is inspired by Dali, which I thought was brilliant!

Afterwards we needed a break being indoors and ventured out in to the Montmartre sun. Right next to the Sacre Coeur there was a huge collection of artists painting in the morning sun.

If you are in the vicinity of Montmarte and the Sacre Coeur you absolutely must walk through here and see the artists at work. And also pay a visit to the Espace Dali of course! It's much more peaceful up here than at the bottom of the hill because you can wander around without the rush of traffic around you. A perfect way to get away from the hustle and bustle for an hour or two. 

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