Sunday, 23 February 2014


Reading Week is very neary almost over, and once again it's been more of a do-anything-and-everything-except-read kind of week, but hey, I'm in Paris! Can I really be to blame? 

This morning and afternoon were mildly productive on the university work front; I promised myself I would be a good student and catch up on all the reading I had to do for this week (and last week), and I'm happy to report: mission accomplished. Because we are nearly halfway through the term, spring essays need to start being thought about (yikes!) but the whole time I was working I could see crystal clear blue skies over the top of the buildings across the street and the sun glinting on my mug of tea. 

As a treat for working hard earlier in the day, this is what I got up to this evening.

All I grabbed was my camera and my key, it was amazingly liberating to feel so light with no bags or extra bits and bobs. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, so I hopped on the Metro with my Navigo pass in hand and popped up at Tuileries. Seriously that pass is the best investment I have made since coming to Paris. Unlimited Metro and Bus travel for one month for €67.10! I would highly recommend investing if you're going to Paris for a month or more. I have definitely gotten my money's worth already and I've still got another 10 days left before I need to renew.

A short walk from the station and I was at the Place de la Concorde.

I haven't stood in this spot since I was 16, so I took my time like a true tourist to reminisce and whip out my camera. Paris is the perfect place to get in some valuable photography practice. Just look at that sunset! It's just begging to be snapped.

After a little while I was ready to set off on my lovely leisurely walk down the famous Champs-Élysées, mingle with the crowds and soak up the early Sunday evening atmosphere. 

I might have crossed the road back and forth a few times to try and get this snap of the boulevard, the inconsiderate cars kept ruining my shot, but I got it on attempt 5!

The Eiffel Tower kept peeping through the buildings and trees during the entire walk up. I must have taken at least 15 of these sorts of photos! 

Everyone in the know knows that Paris is a glorious city all the year round, but there's just something magical about Paris in the springtime. You can feel that the air is starting to get every so gradually warmer every day and soon the blossom will start to grow on the trees.

I love the fact that no matter when you come you always see people from all walks of life co-mingling on this street. Families with their kids up on their shoulders, glamorous ladies in high heels with Louis Vuitton bags, lovers holding hands, cyclists whizzing along the cycle lane, friends happily chattering to one another and other camera-wielding individuals like myself all walk side by side, gradually moving closer and closer to the Arc.

As I got closer the sun started to set making the lights of the traffic look beautiful. I bet it looks amazing from the top! I'd actually like to have a walk up one day and see.

The next time I come to the Champs-Élysées I will have to buy myself something nice. Sadly probably not something from Tiffany but I got a visual on Laduree today, so I think that it would simply be rude not to pop in for a macaroon or two next time I'm here!

Au revoir mes amis.

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