Saturday, 15 February 2014

Pont des Arts

I've been all over the place in Paris but never to the Pont des Arts before now. I've always known of it but I never even knew what it was called before I googled 'lock bridge Paris' about a month ago. It's a pedestrian-only bridge over the Seine that is right opposite the Louvre. I must have walked past it a million times but have never walked over it till now. It has instanty become one of my favourite things in Paris. My boyfriend and I decided to take our first ever trip down to the bridge earlier this week to beat the Valentine's Day rush.

Lovers from all over the world to travel to the Pont to put their own lock on the bridge, to leave their mark and seal their love. 

It looks so beautiful! It has been one of my favourite things to photograph to date. I was a bit sad to learn that the locks only stay on the bridge for 3 months before wing replaced (kind of defeats the whole 'forever' idea) but then again it's up to the couple to make sure of that, not the bridge! 

I loved that every single lock is totally unique, and it was fun to stop and read the names and dates on them. There were tiny heart ones ranging to huge in-your-face silver ones. Here are a couple of my favourites.

The bridge is lovely and wide so you're not bumping in to people, and I really like that there are no cars either. The atmosphere is relaxed and calm and perfect for an early evening stroll with someone special. 

I can't imagine this idea workin in London really, I think it is a very Parisian thing and I'd absolutely love to get a lock myself and put it on with my special person. 

The weather couldn't have been better when I went. My feet were pretty cold when we left but just look at that sky. Absolutely stunning! I can safely say it won't be too long before I am back.

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