Monday, 17 March 2014

A Visitor in Paris - Day 1

When I last signed off I was just on my way to pick up my Mum from the Gare du Nord to welcome her back to Paris. It hasn't felt like two minutes since I was saying goodbye to both my parents just over a week ago, and I've been counting down the time until I got her back - I could not wait to have her with me for a girly weekend in the city! 

I love to plan things to do so I have things to look forward to, so I made a little itinerary for us which went along the lines of shop, eat, shop, drink, shop, shop, sight-see, drink, museum(?), shop. I love spending time with my Mum but because we don't live very near to each other and because we're both busy most of the time we don't get masses of opportunities to get together for a girls' session. I suppose it makes it all the more special when we do have some time together, and where else is better for shopping and good food than Paris?! 

She arrived late afternoon, just in time for the start of Happy Hour! So Friday evening was spent moseying around the Canal, checking out the vintage shops, peering in to artists workshops windows and generally having a good ol' catch up.
After taking advantage of the Happy Hour specials, we wandered along for a while before having a fabulous meal at Cafe Creme - a true burgerfest for the both of us, with an entire plateful of chips each. We still found room for pudding though and ordered one slice of chocolate torte and one slice of pear and almond tarte to split so we could try both. We definitely got our money's worth at Creme - the slices were ginormous and both came with a generous swirl of fresh cream. The torte was gorgeous but we both agreed that the pear tarte was the star of the show, and if you ever find yourself in Cafe Creme (in the Republique area) you must try it, you will not be disappointed! I did take photos of the food and planned on showing you as I normally do, but we were dining al fresco and the outside lighting made everything look rather yellowish so I decided to leave them out, but I assure you it all looked scrumptious.

We had a very leisurely Saturday morning brunch at my flat, nipping to the local bakery to pick up pastries and a few tasty treats for later. 

J'adore le almond croissant!

Fuelled up we were ready to hit the shops in the Marais. I have been waiting for a chance to debut my floppy black hat which my big brother bought me for starting my new degree, and I think this shopping sesh and fantastic weather was the perfect opportunity! It's so so very French and I absolutely love it.

Most of the day was spent dipping in and out of patisseries and pretty shops which me and my Mum call 'twiddly bits' shops. There's no other way to describe this kind of shop, they sell bunting, jewellery, stationery, cushions and are generally really pretty, and we could have bought a heck of a lot more than we did! 

Lunchtime rolled around and we headed to Camille to recharge our batteries and have a light bite. The best thing about this restaurant was the location; there are plenty of tables outside because it's a little sun-trap and it's potential for people-watching is great. The food was good but pricey, but the service here was bad. Like, really bad. We waited ages and had to ask the waiters three or four times for things they had forgotten. 

But the chocolat-chaud was really really very good though. And the company was pretty great.

A little while longer in the Marais and a quick foray to Montmarte later, and we decided we were ready to check out the Galeries Lafayette. I was excited to see the big name brands and marvel at the expsiveness of everything, but most of all I was excited to see the roof.

It's really beautiful. I'm really glad I've been to the Galeries but on a Saturday evening it was just far too busy for us. We took the escalator to the top and looked down on to this.

Stunning. But too many people for my liking. We snapped a few photos to get in some good photography practice. After not too long we decided to call it a day and headed back to my flat via the supermarket for an evening of cheese and wine and Philomena. It's such a lovely film, so if you haven't already seen it you must, but have a tissue up your sleeve just in case. You can't go wrong with a bit of Judi Dench in my opinion. An for pudding we had our treats that we saved from the boulangerie. 

Heavenly. The perfect end to my ultimate girls' day in Paris. I can't wait to show you what we got up to on day 2!


  1. I understood what you meant by twiddly bits straight away :) haha. What a gorgeous hat, I really want to buy one but always end up chickening out. I don't know if Milan is ready for them yet :p xxx
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    1. Thank you so much, Lucy! I had a fear of wasting the first wear on an insignificant day, but I definitely managed to avoid this :) you should totally get one! And ah that's great, so many people are like, 'what?!' when they hear twiddly bits, I'm glad you get it xxx