Saturday, 8 March 2014

Comptoir des Archives

It's official. My Mum and Dad have landed in Paris! I've been looking forward to this for weeks, and I am so sooo happy to be reunited with them for what seems like absolutely ages. I love my parents to bits and definitely wouldn't be where I am today without them - and I mean that very literally! I wouldn't be in Paris for darn sure, but they have always encouraged me in everything I do and to just blooming well go for it, but I also mean I wouldn't be where I am without them in life more generally. 
They are both so busy in their lives all the time, but I know that if I need them they are there for me in a heartbeat. And being the stars that they are, the two of them took time off work to spend a long weekend with me in the French capital. 
And I tell you, what an amazing weekend they picked to come! I've already shown you how good the weather has been these past couple of days, and it looks like this amazing sunny spell is here to stay until next week, yay sun! 

A quick metro ride early this afternoon from the Gare du Nord took us straight to 
Mum and Dad's gorgeous hotel in le Marais. A quick pit stop to drop bags and asses the in-room tea and coffee making facilities (and more importantly, the biscuit situation) and we were ready for an afternoon of ambling. 

Me and my lovely Dad.

It's a good job that it is good weather right now, because naturally we got lost on our mission to get down to the river. Nobody minded in the slightest as we were far too busy chattering away, holding hands 3 abreast on the pavement. This probably peeved a lot of the other Parisian pedestrians but sorry everyone because I really didn't care, I was far too busy feeling like a 2 year old again!

I had a couple of museums lined up just in case anybody wanted a shot of culture, but we were too distracted by lager and cocktails in the sunshine in a gorgeous wine bar we wandered in to near Bastille. By the time we had finished and were heading back on to the streets it was way past closing time, so we walked along the river bank admiring the city at dusk, which was stunning.

Before too long our tummies were starting to rumble and we were on the lookout for a place to have our dinner. There are a million choices of restaurant in Paris, but a traditional French food experience was on the cards. We headed away from the river and a little deeper in to the Marais and before too long came across the Comptoir des Archives. 

There wasn't a table to be had outside, always a good sign, and a quick look at the menu sealed the deal for us. A friendly and polite waiter showed us to a table tucked away in the corner (I know! Friendly and polite in Paris. A real treat!) 

The main menu was simple and all in French, but with a little conferring we worked out what all 8 choices were. Duck confit for Dad and I, and truffle rigatoni for Mum. The wine list on the other hand was much longer and my dad took the wheel as usual. I decided to crack on with the cocktails like a real man, and seeing as I had a taste for Mojito from earlier, I just had to go for another and sample the standard of the Comptoir Mojito. Out here happy hour typically runs from 5-9, so how could I resist?!

Then the most amazing thing happened; we had barely taken a sip of our drinks and our food arrived! I can say hands down it's the quickest service I have ever gotten at any restaurant, ever.

The duck.

It looked and smelled amazing and was all beautifully presented. This photo doesn't really show it, but the amount of sautéed potatoes that the duck came on top of was crazy! In a good way though because they were delicious, light, crispy and seasoned with herbs. The duck meat was rich, tender and juicy, and the skin was crisped up beautifully, exactly how I like it. I looked across at Dad occasionally to see how he was getting on and he could only manage to take himself away from his food once or twice to give me a thumbs up and a nod! He seemed very pleased also.

Truffle rigatoni. 

Mum seemed very happy with her choice too. I was offered a taste but said I was ok; I wouldn't want to deprive a lady of fresh Parmesan shavings, definitely too good to be shared.

I tried to get a picture of the whole table but Mum couldn't wait and had already started to tuck in! (I really can't blame her).

We also had dessert, very decadent indeed. The puds came just as quickly as the mains had done, but once again a certain somebody (Mum) had started tucking in before I could take a table pic, the naughty girl.

Just look at that! I love the little pots they're served in. So very indulgent. Mum ordered Creme Brûlée and when I spotted Tiramisu on the menu I knew that was the one for me, one of my all time favourites! Dad tried to order a cheeseboard, but what actually came was natural yoghurt with coulis. It was deceptive, he saw he word fromage and thought that was savoury cheese, but apparently not in this case! He didn't complain though and ate the lot. It wasn't as exciting to look at as mine or Mums so I didn't bother with a photo. 

That's happiness right there. Happiness in a little glass jar.

The restaurant serves good traditional French food and was busy but not too packed out, and the staff are very efficient and friendly. I would definitely com back here and if you're in the area you should certainly consider stopping by for a bite. They serve salads and sandwiches too all day if you're just after a lighter meal, and lots of people were having drinks with friends outside too. It's on the Rue Rambuteau, just along from the Pompidou Centre.

I had an amazing day with two of my most favourite people in the world. I can't wait to see what we get up to today!

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