Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Dans le Jardin

Paris has some rather lovely gardens. These little pockets of green offer the people of the city a moment's breather from busy city life and are the perfect place to come on your lunch break to sit in the shade and unwind with fellow Parisians.

A couple of people have asked me on Instagram whether I'm here for work or if I go to uni here. I think I might have mentioned it before, but for those who don't know I'm a student here. It's a lot of work and heaps of reading but I'm lucky enough to be based at a University which is just around the corner from the Jardin du Luxembourg. It's perfect for a picnic and to come and relax before or after a seminar.

Let me show you around.

These fellas have a boules tournament and are always playing matches whenever I pass. It's fun to stand and watch.

Lots of people just come with a book to escape it all.

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