Tuesday, 11 March 2014

La Vache Acrobate

Depending on how good your French is, you might have already figured out that the English translation of 'La Vache Acrobat' is 'The Acrobatic Cow'! This is the next installment in showing you all the tasty food I ate when my Ma and Pa visited me this weekend, and don't let the funny name of this restaurant fool you because this was definitely the priciest place that we ate at the whole time. And let me tell you it was gooood!

Located a 3 minute walk from their hotel, and a stone's throw from the Saint-Sebastian-Froissart Metro station in the glorious Marais district, Mum and Dad had been here before one on of their long weekend trips to Paris and were full of high praise for the food and wine, so I was eager to try La Vache out for myself.

The amazing weather during the day made it lovely and mild in the evening, and the restaurant had flung open it's doors for anyone wanting to drink and dine al fresco. It felt more like a late May/June early summer kind of evening rather than an early March one!

There were no tables to be had outside, as lots of Parisians were having their pre-dinner drinks, but a waiter showed us to a quiet part inside to the left of the restaurant and we had a whole corner to ourselves. Walking round museums and climbing lots of stairs up world-famous monuments (the Arc de Triomphe again!) had meant we worked up a big appetite so we decided to order drinks and get straight to ordering the food. 

The decor inside is elegant and the lights are turned down low, almost too low in fact, so we were happy when they were turned up just in time for when the menus were handed to us!

White wine for Mum and Dad, and the first of many Mojitos for me! (I heart happy hour). I like my cocktails long, but this one came much shorter, and much stronger. It nearly blew my head off, and even my Dad the whisky man thought it was too much when he took a sip, and that's really saying something! So I asked for a top up of tonic, and the waiter sorted it out for me straight away. 

I loved the menu as soon as I laid eyes on it; you could choose from about 10 different mains, which were all classic dishes with a gourmet spin on it. I had my eyes firmly set on something meaty, so I went for the Foie Gras Beef Burger with Caramelised Onions ordered medium rare, while Dad went for the Cheeseburger, which was laden with lots and lots of posh fromage. The food didn't arrive as quickly as it had done the night before (which would have been a very hard time to beat!) but we were presented with some lovely breads to nibble on and dunk in oil while we waited.
Mum loves her fish so she went for the salmon with wok-fried vegetables, which eventually came presented beautifully looking like this.

And as for the burgers, they were definitely worth waiting a little while for. Check these out. 


And the cross-section of my Foie Gras and Caramelised Onion Burger. Served in a huge focaccia bun, with a sprinkling of rocket, cooked to utter perfection. 

The burgers were thick, juicy, and clearly made with really good cuts of steak. They also came with seasoned roast potatoes which were heavenly, but there was just the right amount of these because the plate-stealing burgers were ginormous! It took me a while, but I finished the lot, which impressed the waiter. I don't think he thought I could do it, more fool him!

After a little break and another couple of rounds of cocktails for me, it was time to take a look at the dessert menu. This was equally as impressive as the main menu, and had some of my all-time favourites. The 3 of us hatched a plan to order 3 desserts and have a third of each, but we should have known that this was never going to work and that food envy would inevitably kick in. When my Chocolate Moelleux Cake with Fresh Cream and crushed Pistachio Nuts arrived (translate: Melt in the Middle bomb *salivates*) I literally couldn't stop myself once I'd plunged my spoon in to the warm, devilishly chocolately centre. Utter perfection!

It was just simply far too good to share, so I am accepting most (ok, all...) of the responsibility for the failure of our shared pud plan, sorry Mum and Dad! It was delicious though guys, so you'll just have to order one for yourselves next time! 

Dad's cheeses. 

He absolutely loves a cheeseboard and I'd say he goes for it over a sweet 99% of the time. I had a little nibble of this too which was lovely, but for the price he paid we all agreed that he really should have gotten more than one kind of cheese. You can't call one type of cheese an assortment really can you.

And finally, Mum's Nutella Creme Brûlée. 

This sounded amazing and I was really excited for her because she'd had such a good classic Creme Bru at the restaurant the night before, it really could only be improved by the addition of Nutella in my opinion. But unfortunately it came out barely warm. The menu said that my chocolate pudding would take 15 minutes to prepare, so I suspect that while mine was still melting in the middle they left Mum's on the side to go cold. Not one to complain she ate it all; I had a spoonful and it was really lovely, but I think a Creme Brûlée is best served hot. If we were to come here in the future and this happened again I'd say something. So apart from this and the disappointing cheese situation, all in all it was a very very good meal, in extremely good company. Foodwise, I definitely came out the best on this occasion, always a great feeling! 

After another round of drinks we kissed each other goodnight (European style of course, one on each cheek), Mum and Dad went back to their bijou abode and I made my way back to my flat happy and full, and ready for another day exciting day of adventure with my favourite people!

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