Saturday, 1 March 2014

Make Art Not War

There are lots of differences between England and France. Trivial differences, for example, good luck getting a loaf of pre-sliced bread or a tin of baked beans that don't taste plain weird in the supermarket. Then there's the more important differences that may actually save your life - like the green man at road crossings not actually meaning go. In Paris, if you don't start a-walking, those cars will just keep on going, so watch out. I very nearly learned this the hard way! 

One other big difference between us and our French neighbours I have discovered seems to be our attitude towards art. Not the grand multi-million dollar stuff found in the Louvre or the d'Orsay, I'm talking street art and graffiti. It's really embraced here, and makes up the very fibre of the city. Street signs, apartment walls, grates and bridges, they're canvases for Parisian street artists. There's oodles of the stuff over here and artists develop their own styles, some gaining great notoriety on the street art scene; I posted a Fred le Chevalier motif on Facebook and it got a crazy reaction from excited friends. I can't really imagine this acceptance of street art working in London or indeed anywhere else as well as it does here. 

From huge building murals to tiny mosaic video game tributes, there's so much all over the city. I often go art spotting on the street and take my camera along to capture the stuff I discover as I wander around. These photos have been taken all over the city, I didn't include them in specific posts because I can get rather snap happy, and if I posted everything that caught my eye the posts would be pages long! So here's a collection of my favourite bits of Parisian street art I've found on my so far on my adventure.


  1. Beautiful. I love street art, it's why I love East London so much.

  2. I just took a grafitti tour of Shoreditch and I think the culture really has been embraced there. There is so much effort put into the pieces it really is incredible x

  3. That sounds amazing! I should do this too myself sometime soon. Great suggestion! x