Sunday, 30 March 2014

Paris in the Spring

Happy Mother's Day lovelies! I do hope that you've had a marvellous day whatever you've been up to, spoiling your Mum or indeed if you are a Mum yourself being waited on hand and foot. For the last four years I haven't been able to be with my mum on Mother's Day because of my studies, which is sad because I do miss her terribly a lot of the time! But I always like to dispatch my gift way in advance and schedule a nice long chat on the day, which I am so looking forward to later on! It's time to start planning some girlie activities for when I'm back home at Easter and I can't wait.

Today's post was actually originally intended to be another street art appreciation kind of post. I'd been tipped off that the area around Ourcq Metro station has some crazy graffiti worth seeing so I headed off in that general direction to hunt it down, which I certainly did; however I also happened upon loads of beautiful flowers too which to be perfectly honest completely distracted me from the task in hand. The result of this was a very untidy photostream on my camera which was a total mishmash of graffiti and blossom, whoops! I'll show you the art soon I promise but today the flowers have won out for the very fact that they have just made me feel so Springlike (is that a word, Springlike?). Today I think it is far more fitting if I do a little Springtime in Paris post to celebrate everything getting a little bit sunnier, flowerier, and the evenings getting a little bit lighter!

My old housemate from Hong Kong regularly posts beautiful pictures of blossom like this and calls it 'Sakura'. It's meant to capture the essence of Spring in its entirety and symbolise beauty and new life.

Florists fling open their shop fronts and display their bunches. Florists that look just like this one can be found all over the city smell absolutely gorgeous.

I don't think that this post would quite be complete without an Eiffel Tower blossom pic, the definitive sign that Spring has Sprung in Paris!


  1. Oh my that cherry blossom is heavenly! What great photographs.

  2. Beautiful photos! Unbelievably jealous


    1. Oh thank you Laura :) I love the name of your blog, so cute x