Friday, 7 March 2014

Parisian Sunshine

Doesn't everywhere look so much lovelier when the sun is shining? A bit of sunshine just puts a smile on more peoples' faces, makes you feel that much more happy, and the golden light just seems to make a place glow. Paris has been getting some smashing weather recently, springtime has arrived in the big city! 

Yesterday I ditched the big coat in favour of a blazer for the very first time, grabbed my camera, key and phone and nothing more (I love it when I do that. No baggage whatsoever to worry about) and headed out to catch a glimpse of Paris wearing its prettiest hat.

Of course, I started on my own street.

Looking up.

And looking down.

Light streaming in to my eyes and blue skies aaaaaall the way. Glorious!

I live in here!

I haven't shown my 'hood to you yet really, but I think my rue in particular is a really interesting one. My area is lovely and calm in general, and so is my street, which is full of these odd little workshops. My inadequate French means that I don't have a clue what the workshops are used for, or were used for in the past, but I think the facades are beautiful to look at. 

I can see that a couple have been turned in to trendy artists galleries, opticians, and one is a working man's club; you can see all the cute old fellas inside snoozing, playing cards and pool when you walk by. 

A little while later I headed onwards on my wandering down towards the river.

This excited me, because I've never actually seen Notre Dame from this side before. There's a lovely little jardin at the back with children playing and Parisians relaxing with a bite to eat. I also loved that the cafe on the corner is called the Esmerelda brasserie!

6pm and still totally light! The streets were lined with happy chatter, families and friends having pre-dinner and after work drinks and soaking up the sun. Because it's getting warmer people are beginning to sit outside and eat al fresco and I can't wait to join them tonight, because my mum and dad are coming to Paris! I can't wait to see them and they're on their way as I type. As soon as I finish this blog post I'm off to meet them at the Eurostar portal at the Gare du Nord, and I cannot wait, I haven't seen them in 2 months.

I'll see you soon to let you know what I get up to with them!

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