Sunday, 9 March 2014

Petit Déjeuner at Chez Jenny

Good morning everybody! Show of hands, who fancies coming over to Chez Jenny for brekkie this morning?

I'm just kidding, that is the fake Chez Jenny. The real Chez Jenny, aka my pad, is much cooler and located about 10 minutes down the road from here, but me and Mum and Dad passed this fine looking establishment yesterday morning on the walk through the Place de la Republique and I thought it was pretty darn cool! 

And speaking of the Place, we also passed this lively lot on our journey.

A big bright Barbie army, parading in the sunshine! I love Paris the most at times like this, I love the surprise random arty spectacles; they always pop up unexpectedly and they really make my day.

I am delighted to report that the weather continues to be fantastically sunny and warm here in Paris, so Mum, Dad and I decided to take a morning stroll to my flat via the boulangerie round the corner from my flat, to pick up pastries for a lovely breakfast at home. 

Like a lot of young women and students out there, I very rarely make time I have breakfast in the morning. I know this isn't a good thing, but to be honest most of the time I'd rather have the extra half an hour in bed. Having said that, if my breakfast looked like the one we enjoyed yesterday morning I would definitely make an effort to eat it more often! Certainly worth getting out of bed for. Just feast your eyes on this selection of goodies.

My dream French breakfast. Gigantic pastries, fresh crusty bread, goats cheese, pineapple juice in honour of my Grandma Clarice, a cafetiere of coffee and a big pot of earl grey. 

My Dad is a true fresh bread connoisseur, and he was very impressed with the little cob loaf. It was still warm when we bought it which is always a good sign and he happily tucked in.

In my opinion the main event was, without a doubt, the pastries. 

This was my Dad's choice, a big fancy chocolate chip number which he have a big double thumbs up to, he confirmed it tasted as good as it looked. 

Mum and I both went for a big almond croissant each, which came topped with more almonds and a dusting of icing sugar. I can hands down say it was the best croissant I've ever eaten. Crispy on the outside, the almonds gave it a little extra crunch on the top, and sweet and soft on the inside. Absolutely scrummy. 

We took breakfast like true Parisians, windows open, chatting away to one another, setting ourselves up for the day and generally just taking our time. Heavenly. It was so good that we decided to have a repeat performance on day 2. The only problem will be deciding what to have!

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