Tuesday, 15 April 2014

New Room

I'm writing to you sat cross-legged on my bed in my brand new bedroom with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Much better than essay-writing which has unfortunately become my life again at the moment!

I've just counted how many bedrooms I've had in my life and answer is 6. In those I'm counting proper bedrooms at either home or uni. And that is going to go up again this summer when I move back in to halls of residence to write my MA dissertation! It's all go. 

Up until the age of 18 and a half though I'd only ever lived in one house and had one bedroom and I loved that room. As I grew up though and my tastes changed I was always given the chance to update it and make it more grown up, as I grew up. I think that first bedroom was pink, purple, yellow (oh god the yellow phase, the brightest gaudiest shade you've ever seen!), pink again and finally white up until I left home; my mum was very patient with me. Good old roomy was really lovely and big and I remember how excited I was when I finally got fitted wardrobes! Complete with full-length mirrors too. I really miss a full-length mirror when I don't have one!

So now I really want to show you a few key bits in my new (home) bedroom! My mum did most of the hard work to be perfectly honest but it was left up to me to make it, 'me'. We're both big charity shop fans and you can find some absolute gems in there for a minuscule amount, which is sort of the focus for this post! I want to show you how I've been jazzing up my bedroom for not a lot. 

I love fairy lights and think there is nothing nicer than having them on when you're snuggling up with a film. These pretty dragonfly lights were from Amazon and cost me £2. They change colours too and they're battery powered so you don't have to have wires going everywhere. 

Dressing table with my gorgeous distressed necklace hanger. I need to fill it up a bit more but I don't want to over do it and detract from its prettiness!

This 'fresh baked fairy cakes' sign was bought from an arts and crafts fair for £2. I'm an avid baker and I thought it would look pretty hanging from some sort of fixture in my room.

And the things on top of my chest of drawers. Pretty, simple and feminine is the thing I've been going for and I think I've achieved it.

I'm very happy with my new gaff! It's light, airy, and rather a lot bigger than the one I was in before, and the wardrobe space just goes on and on. I have a feeling I will be very happy in here indeed.


  1. Oh childhood bedrooms - I remember having mine wallpapered half yellow, half grey - not too sure what I was thinking. I love those little lights and the mirror you have pictured, you can't go wrong with little things to make a room sparkle.

    1. Fairy lights just make everything so much prettier. Thank you so much Rachael :)