Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ourcq Art

Hello one and all from the Lincolnshire/Yorkshire border! On Sunday I made the epic journey from Paris back to my homeland to spend my Easter break at home with my lovely family. My shoulders and legs are a little achey from pulling and carrying 3 months worth of gear around train stations but I've been taken care of very well so I'm sure I will be back to normal very soon. 

I've been home less than 2 days but I'm already feeling relaxed and I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying all the comforts of home (and dealing in pounds sterling!). In even more exciting news I've just moved in to a brand new bedroom (complete with en suite!!!). My lovely Mum decorated it with my stuff while I was away and it was an amazing surprise! She's left it up to me to put the finishing touches on it though, so when I've got it just how I want it I might show you a couple of snaps. 

Anyhoo, I was looking through my photos of Paris and realised I hadn't uploaded the funky street art pics I mentioned a couple of weeks ago - I ended up posting about flowers instead. But I'm really pleased with this little graffiti find so I'm going to show you them now. This ginormous tapestry-style spray painted mural can be found just around the corner from Ourcq Metro station (pronounced Orc, like the scaries from The Lord of the Rings). It's long, it's in your face, and it shouts at you from across the street. I didn't like all the parts of it and I loved others, but there's no question that the whole thing is extremely clever and must have taken hours and hours to achieve. It goes something like this...

Weird, psychedelic, impressive. It takes about 10 minutes to get from one end to the other and each segment flows seamlessly in to the next. There's nothing much in the area to my knowledge sight-seeing wise, but if you're nearby like I was then have a little look!


  1. wow that's such amazing street art! We just don't have so much of it in the UK, it tends to just be expletives doesn't it haha xxx
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  2. You're absolutely right, we don't! The Parisians just embrace it with open arms xxx