Saturday, 26 April 2014

Teaser Brownies

Happy Saturday everyone! I've got a baking day recipe to share with you all today, so get ready to get the baking urge after you see this. Oozy, gooey, chocolatey squares of brownie goodness, perfect for a decadent pudding, a treat with a cup of tea or if you're feeling especially generous thy make a great gift for someone you're trying to impress. Feast your eyes on this.

Let me tell you the secret brownie recipe which has got me the best reviews to date! I made these a little while ago and never quite got round to share it, but there's no time like the present... Wooden spoons at the ready!


185g/6.5oz unsalted butter
185g/6.5oz dark chocolate
85g/3oz plain flour
40g/1.5oz cocoa powder
3 eggs
275g/9.5oz caster sugar
150g/5oz Maltesers
100g/3.5oz walnuts
(A few chunks of spare dark chocolate if you have any!)


1. Preheat the oven to 180c and line a shallow baking tin with baking parchment. Melt your chocolate and butter gently in the microwave. Mix thoroughly and leave to cool

2. Break your eggs and sugar in to a separate mixing bowl mix thoroughly. Slowly add this to your cooled chocolatey mixture. Blend with your spoon

It should be smooth, runny and silky 

3. Slowly sieve in your flour and cocoa powder. Blend 

4. Get your special ingredients at the ready. Mix them in to your chocolatey mixture 

5. Spoon in to your lined tin and bake for 25 mins

6. Leave to cool for a few minutes before cutting in to manageable squares. Serve warm with single cream or vanilla ice cream!

I love this recipe because it is so consistently good and it makes your kitchen smell amazing. You can swap the Maltersers for chopped up Milkyway bars or Mars bars, or anything that takes your fancy. The possibilities are endless so enjoy getting creative

What are your favourite brownie fillings?


  1. Replies
    1. Why thank you. I will whip some up again in the near future!

  2. Oh I love how they have maltesers in them - genius!

    1. Thanks Rachael :) at easter time you can get the Malteser bunnies, also a good shout!