Friday, 9 May 2014

Ecclesall Road

I'm a bit jealous of the student body of Sheffield Hallam, and the reason for this is because they have Ecclesall Road on their doorsteps. It's a trendy street full of a mish mash of quirky bars and restaurants intermingled with boutiques and thrift shops. Yesterday mum and I shimmied over to Sheffield and made one of our legendary shopping trips - the last one before I go back to uni tomorrow, but we made sure it was a good one.

We started off the day by stopping by Waitrose which is always exciting! For those who are from the South you might think that getting excited by the thought of going to a Waitrose is weird, but trust me when I say that they are few and far between in the North. The nearest one to my parents' home is in Sheffield so we popped in to get some tasty things for tea, and a few ingredients for what I'm making tonight! Keep your eyes peeled for a new twist on a Thai curry recipe post the next couple of days!

So after oohing and aahing our way round the supermarket we arrived at the bottom of Ecclesall Road with rumbling tummies. 

We picked the trendy lunch spot Fancie which has a beautiful menu of healthy bites. We have been once before but decided we had unfinished business with the menu. They also do amazing looking cupcakes so next time I think I'll have to get one of those to see if they're as good as they look. 

Last time I had their fallafel which was good, but having tasted L'as du Fallafel in Paris, I thought it best to move on. It took me ages but I finally chose Eggs Benedict and mum had Salmon Fishcakes. Oh and a side of Skinny Fries each.

The food arrived in true Fancie fashion, both topped with pea shoots. The single Fishcake was something to behold. The  huge beast was perched on top of a lake of mushy peas, and instead of being on an English muffin my Eggs Benedict were given a Fancie update by coming on French bread. We chatted happily over our and lined our stomachs for our shopping sesh.

After lunch it was then time to hit the shops! My favourite non-charity shop on Ecclesall Road is the beautiful Mookau which sells all sorts of lovely cushions, stationery, arts and craft things, books and jewellery. 

With some of my birthday money I treated myself to this cute little Tales in a Teacup robin cup. I love the colour, the hidden nest at the bottom of the cup and even the box it came in.  

Aside from the shop shops my mum and I both love bargain hunting in charity shops. You can get some amazing stuff for not too much and the best thing is that the proceeds go to an excellent cause. I came away with a pretty candle holder and two books which cost a tiny £3 altogether.

I love going shopping with my mum so much and I will miss our trips when I go back, but I think the fact that we can't always get to each other is part of the fact that I love them so much. She is planning on coming down to see me in the summer though so we can go hopping in Canterbury, and I cannot wait!


  1. It's funny but when I lived in Sheffield (near the Botanical Gardens) I barely went to Eccy Road. Ashamed to admit that I would head for Meadowhall. I need to go back to Sheffield soon.

    1. Oh really?! Meadowhall is awesome too though! I did get a wee bit soggy when it rained haha. But apart from that yes get yourself down :)