Sunday, 4 May 2014

Homemade Spa Day (Okay, Evening!)

When I am in need of a little bit of R&R there is nothing like a pamper sesh to rejuvenate and refresh. With sandal season just around the corner Mum and I spent the evening making our tootsies open-toe ready, doing our fingernails and trying out a swanky face mask - a pamper evening just wouldn't be complete without one! 

We ran a hot bath and added a drop of softening lotion to soak our feet. We do have a foot spa which is great fun but this way you and your pamper buddy can soak simultaneously, and there's less chance of splashing water all over the place. 

Next we popped on the mask. A while ago we went to Ragdale Hall health spa in Leicestershire for 3 days and nights and it was a dreamland. We fully made the most of all the fitness and beauty facilities and even had a skin consultation each. I saved my stuff until now and this was the first use of my Elemis Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask.

It was much more gentle than other less expensive face masks I have used and didn't make my face tingle or ache or feel tight. A good blob on each cheek did the job, and I sat back with my Pimms and let it dry. Almost like being at an actual spa (if you shut your eyes!)

After our feet had had a good soaking for 20 minutes, then came the all important foot buffing process. I'll not be showing you any pictures of this bit, highly unelegant to say the least, but our feet are now magnificently smooth! You can get all sorts of fancy contraptions but I opt to use a simple rough foot buffer and a bit of elbow grease. Does the trick! Molly the collie wanted to join in but she already has perfectly soft feet so she just chilled with us instead.

Toes always look better with a bit of colour, especially if your going to have them on show. 

This Mac red is the best nail varnish I've used in a long long while! It's easy peasy to apply and doesn't chip easily. It's obviously on the more expensive side for a nail varnish but in my opinion worth it if it means your nails look smart and you're not always having to reapply it. I'm going to go to Mac to see what other colours they have.

The moisturising mask worked really well and definitely made my skin feel softer and even a bit brighter too. It's important to treat yourself every now and then and this is the perfect way to beautify yourself and have some quality girly gossip time with your pampering pal!


  1. This is such a great idea :) I'd probably end up falling in the bath though! Will do something similar next time I'm home with my mum :) xxx
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    1. Thanks Lucy! Haha that's exactly what I was thinking the whole time - oh crap I'm goin' in!! But I didn't, phew :) Ah great! It's lovely girly time to have together x