Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Lunch at The Shakespeare

So I'm finally back in Canterbury! I actually landed on Saturday afternoon but long story short, after an unexpectedly hectic weekend that was more than just a little bit stressful I have some safe, warm accommodation on campus that I'm happy with. Helping me throughout this ordeal was my normal crack team of sorterouterers (Mum, Dad, Jules, that's you, so thank you for being your normal brilliant and patient selves) and my lovely friend Frances who was on hand to back me up and generally calm me down (so thank you, Franny!).

So to celebrate being united in Canters, having all our spring essays done and dusted and my accommodation victory we decided to have a proper catch up and go for a beautiful lunch at the newly renovated pub 'The Shakespeare' on Butchery Lane in Canterbury city centre. 

In the shadow of the Cathedral I would describe 'The Shakespeare' as a trendy gastropub with very neutral, woody interiors. You can pop in any time of day for just a drink or to eat. We came on Frances' good recommendation and in fact when we arrived I realised that I had actually come with my parents and boyfriend on Saturday night for a pre-dinner drink before eating at La Trappiste (which was amazing as ever) and even then I thought ooh what a lovely place, I must come back here for a bite, after paying a group of ladies having food on the table next to us. 

It was slightly quieter in the day and we we were shown straight away to a booth tucked to the side of the room where we could people watch and have a good chin wag. 

My date studying the amazing menu. We decided to get a glass of white wine each (medium for Frances the designated driver and a large for me because, why not!). 

There's a pretty courtyard with trendy stacked crates and fairy lights which I bet look gorgeous at night. When the weather warms up a little it will be lovely to sit here and soak up the sun in this little sun trap.

We decided on a seafood sharing platter and a side of chunky chips (hiding behind the bread mountain) to split, which came with the most amazing dips. The food came in good time and we dived in, trying a little of this and a bit of the other.

My favourite hands down was the calamari but special mention goes to the trout pate which was so good. We also spotted the meaty sharing platter which the couple on the table across from us were enjoying which also looked amazing, so we have said we absolutely must try that the next time we come.

We chatted and sipped away long after the lunchtime rush had ended, and after we had finished we wandered in to Canterbury to have a little browse of the shops before closing time. Canterbury is such a beautiful place I feel so at home here. Wandering round also made me realise that there are so many other lovely places I have to try for lunch so I had better get cracking!

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  1. I love this pub, I've only been in a few times but it's gorgeous. Otherwise, Mrs Jones Kitchen is great for lunch and Tiny Tims does the best scones I've ever had! I enjoyed Cafe des Amis when I went a couple of years ago too but haven't been back for some reason... I love Canterbury, when I'm home I spend practically every weekend there! xxx
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