Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Summer's Coming Haul

As I'm writing this I'm sitting on my bed warming my hands on a cup of tea and wondering where the sunshine has gone. I thought by showing you all the summery things I picked up earlier in the week would encourage the weather to get back where it's supposed to be so I can actually use this stuff and lounge around in the sunshine. That's the plan anyway!

I've been doing a lot of planning with my friends and family this week getting some trips and visits organised (some very exciting stuff is going to be happening!) and I realised that while I have all these picnicky and general party plans I am severely lacking in all the sorts of things one needs to successfully throw one.

I started by tackling the picnic prep head on and got some really lovely stuff for really not a lot.

First up I picked up this lovely kitsch bicycle pattern lunchbag from one of the independent housey type shops in Canterbury. It was only £2.99 and I thought it'd be an excellent addition to picnics and my life in general because it's light and has a lining which will keep things nice and cool.

I also got this great little tupperware box for the same price which will be great for little salads or anything of that ilk. I adore the pattern too because I absolutely love maps and globes, I could spend ages looking at them. I used to make treasure maps and map out imaginary kingdoms when I was little and I don't think that fascination has ever really left me.

The great thing is that it fits perfectly snugly inside the lunchbag with room for a few other little bits and pieces in there too. First and foremost I intend to use these for taking lunches out in to the sun but also I can use these for general uni lunches when I'm off to the library too.

To have a successful picnic first you've got to stake your claim to a great picnic spot and get yourself comfy. I was at The Works browsing the books and arty stuff and this great picnic blanket caught my eye. It was £4.99 which I think is brilliant value because it has a waterproof bottom to stop you getting soggy if the grass is a bit wet. I'll get a lot of wear out of this because I often like to take my book outside in the summer and read and sunbathe, so the blanket will come in very handy for that.

And finally some goooood ol' Pimms! Ahhh Pimms, the drink of the summer. I like to go all out with mine, with strawberries, apple, cucumber, ripped up mint, the works. For the best results it's best served with a little ice in a big jug with friends to share it with. I can't wait 'til I get the chance to break it open!

The last purchase was a completely unexpected acquisition. I am really good with my clothes generally,  I usually save up and buy one item of clothing that I really love to pieces rather than buy 10 cheaper ones I think are alright. However there's nothing wrong with an impulse buy every once in a while, especially if it's as pretty and as much of a bargain as this little summery dress from New Look.

It was the last one in my size, and was £10 marked down from £22.99. The colour is just a beautiful jewel blue and it came with this little waist-cinching belt too. I'm slightly taller than average and this dress it the perfect length for me to feel like I'm showing just the right amount of leg - enough but not too much! The back is also very very pretty. I just love it and I am so excited to show it off. Just need the sun to come back now, fingers crossed!

Are you buying lots of summery things now too?

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