Monday, 30 June 2014

Barry M - Instant Effects Crackle Nail Varnish

For my last post of June I thought I would go all beauty and show you what I've been loving nail-wise. Since getting my nails nice last summer, I've been treating myself regularly by getting a new nail varnish or two. I've got quite a nice little collection now but my absolute fave is the crackle Instant Effects one by Barry M. I've actually been loving this for about 6 months now ever since a friend introduced me to it. 

I'm aware I'm probably kind of late to the party with this but I will go ahead and talk about why I love it anyway and what I've been wearing with it. Doing my nails has become one of my number one dissertation break and relaxation treats :)

To start I pick my base colour and paint all my nails with this. My favourite is this silver Revlon Top Speed one called 360 Varnished. It's really hard wearing an crisp looking. I watched Celebrity Masterchef while waiting for this to dry - I was so impressed with Millie Mackintosh from Made In Chelsea! She's so nice and can seriously cook!

Once the first layer is fully dry I carefully paint over the top of this with one layer of crackle. This is very important as it cracks and dries sooo fast and goes funny if you do more than one coat. I picked the purple slightly sparkly Barry M crackle. I love the jewellyness of this colour and thought it'd go with quite a few of my other varnishes. 

Finally I do the crucial last stage and paint a clear top coat of Sally Hansen's Double Duty. This stuff is brilliant! I cannot recommend it enough. It's really strong and stops your nails chipping; it's a wee bit more expensive than your average polish but it's so worth it and lasts for ages. I also think it adds an extra special shineyness to your nails when it's on! Basically I just love it.

And that's what I've been up to and what I've been loving! Thanks for reading, speak to you in July :)

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