Sunday, 8 June 2014

Mexican/Cocktail Night

My best friend Polly came down to see me at uni for 4 days of relaxing, shopping, eating and drinking and a much needed catch up. I look forward to our get togethers more than anything because she is just as silly and has a sense of humour that is equally as odd as mine. We spend most of the time howling with laughter and getting told we're being really loud but we just can't help it and set each other off. 

I left my camera at home for most of the time so I could just relax and enjoy just chattering away, but I did document our Saturday night antics which started off cocktails at a Hawaiian-themed cocktail bar.

Decorated with tribal masks, cheesy murals and light-up puffer fish. We fully embraced the naff theme by sitting in the outside area which we had all to ourselves and ordering some cocktails with very silly names.

I ordered a Pina Colada-esque one. I'm sad that I can't remember what its name was but I know it made us both laugh at the time. I can also report that it was delicious and very very strong and made me rather giggly. The show stealer was Polly's 'Day of the Dead' cocktail which came served in a skull. 

So funny and equally as tasty! We then moved our antics over to a highly recommended Mexican restaurant, Tacos Locos, which has received rave reviews from a handful of reliable sources. We started out with more cocktails - the biggest and nicest Margherita's I've had. The lime and salt round the edge of the glasses really added the finishing touch to the drinks. 

What I really loved besides the drinks choice and the value was the awesome decor which had all sorts of Mexican-y stuff on the ceiling and walls, candles in tequila bottles on the tables. 

And the best thing? the Mexican hats on the tables! Compulsory fajita-eating attire. 

Photography went downhill pretty quickly after this because I was having so much fun, good food and brilliant company. I have that unwelcome feeling of sadness that always follows an amazing weekend and I wish I could have it over again.

And I wish I could have these cocktails again right now too!

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