Saturday, 28 June 2014

Music and Poetry

This is a bit of an unusual post for me, I normally pre-plan a trip to blog about and know roughly what I'll be doing - so long story short I take my big camera along. This is not one of those posts, I took these pics on my iPhone so please excuse the quality!

My boyfriend was staying at my house and yesterday we decided to go for a drink in Canterbury and mosey about the shops seeing as it was such a beautiful evening.

Just by chance in a shop window we spotted posters for a spoken word poetry and live acoustic music night being held in one of the studenty sandwich shops in the city, called CJ's. So we each said shall we give it a go? And give it a go we did!

By day CJ's is a popular lunch spot with a studenty vibe, they sell hot and cold food and have big wooden benches outside too if the sun is out. 

But every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month CJ's hold a music and poetry night from 7-9pm to showcase local talent, such as singer-songwriters and poets. Jules and I tucked ourselves by the window and waited for everything to start.

There were little tealights on the tables and the doors were open because it was such a lovely night. We saw 3 acts in all, with easy-listening guitar music, singers, a bit of poetry and there was even a bit of audience participation for an added twist.

All in all the night was something refreshingly different and something we have said we will definitely have to do again. If you live in or near Canterbury and want to do something a bit unusual on a Friday evening for no money at all then I highly recommend trying it out.

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