Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Instagram Recommendations

I've decided to do a bit of a different type of post today, a recommendations one! As a sort of celebration for reaching over 1000 followers on Instagram I've decided to pick out 10 of my favourite Insta accounts and tell you why I love them.

I love Instagram for its visuality. You see something pretty or interesting, snap a pic, pop a filter on it if you fancy and boom, you share it with your followers. When you're taking pics on the go on your phone it's great because what you end up with is your own little logbook of your wanderings to remember what you saw, did, ate. I get lots of style, beauty, fitness and recipe inspiration from it and has definitely become one of my favourite social media thingamabobs.

Here are my personal picks of the bunch.


I've lived in Paris and I can say without a doubt it is a very special place. Carin's pictures of the city are stunning as she captures light perfectly, and she posts snaps from all around the city wherever she goes. She has an awful lot of followers and it's clear why!


There is quite a lot of food on Instagram. This has divided opinions, but it's absolutely fine by me, so long as it looks good. Which Anna's certainly does. She's a food blogger and this is the account where she displays her yummy looking creations.


Tanya's pictures always look so feminine and clear. She takes shots of everyday things and life's little joys, such as a walk in the countryside, reading a book or spotting a butterfly sunbathing.


I love Harley's fun and quirky photographs. She's a curvy lady with an eye for stand-out fashion, floral arrangements and her Schnauzer dog is also supremely adorable. She also has a picture with Harry from McFly. What's not to love I say!


I'm a massive baking fan and love whipping up my own creations. Lizzie is a baking magician, regularly posting her latest baking triumphs. Her presentation is so pretty and rustic, I always wish I could just reach out and take a slice!


I was instantly drawn to Lottie's account because she goes to the uni where I did my undergraduate degree. I always like to see where she's been around Birmingham. In between studying she takes pics of her downtime, which includes a lot of fitness posts, recipe posts, photos of the pretty clothes she's bought and cocktails with friends.


Beauty and Lifestyle blogger Natalie is not only very stylish and very good at making good beauty recommendations, she also gets out and about and takes her camera with her. Photos from a break in Paris, a trip to the beach or a spending time at home, there's a bit of everything in her portfolio

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