Saturday, 14 June 2014

What I'm Loving in June

Hello lovely people! I hope this post finds you well. My life at the moment is a whirlwind of dissertation and World Cup in periodic bursts, and although work is rather hard I feel up to the challenge for one last big push before I finish off this Masters. I'm loving the football breaks I'm allowing myself, and I am particularly looking forward to England's first game tonight! 

I've also been buying myself a few little treats and getting stuck in to a few non-work related things to keep me motivated and relax in my down time. Today I'm going to share with you what I've bought and what I've been loving in June so far. 

First up I want to tell you about my proudest purchase: new running shoes! Getting a good pair is really important for me because if I get a pair of poorly fitting shoes I don't get half as much out of my workouts and just end up not wanting to use them at all. I went along to The Running Outlet in Canterbury which is a cute little independent shop which sells all kinds of running gear. The man in the shop who helped me pick my shoes was very friendly and helpful and got me running on the treadmill to see what my footfall was like. I tried about four different pairs that matched my gait and ended up going for these beauties.

I've had Asics before and got on really well with them, but I just wore my old pair completely out so it is about time I upgraded to these. I am really looking forward to taking them out for their first spin, and I'm really glad I spent a bit more for a really lovely pair that I'll use loads. The awesome thing was that the night before I downloaded the new Student Beans app on my phone and noticed that there is a 10% discount for students in this shop (and loads more places, I highly recommend downloading it!) so I saved over £10. 

Next up are a couple of things from my number one favourite shop in Canterbury, Angels. I have spoken about this place a number of times, because it is so good. Rarely do I go in and not come out with something new and pretty to call my own. These shorts were £19, which for a pair so pretty, versatile and well-made is such good value. I have so many tops I could wear with these, and I love the crochet flowers along the bottom. These might be my item of summer 2014!

I also picked up this pretty vest top from Angels at the same time. I thought it looked lovely with the shorts; or I would wear it with a pair of jeans or denim shorts and sandals. I adore this Tiffany blue colour and the little pop of coral on the tie at the back is gorgeous and shouts summer. £15 very well spent.

Finally there are a few other smaller things I've picked up and more general bits and pieces I've been loving lately.

As those who know me well will know, I used to have awful nails because I bit them down until they were red and sore. I still can't believe that that is my thumb! One day about 10 months ago I just decided to quit biting for good, and I haven't looked back since. My nails are so much healthier and stronger and as a treat every now and then I like to buy myself a lovely new nail varnish to try out. This one is another Barry M offering, love a bit of Barry. This one is part of their new limited edition range and is called Bikini. I love it! It's feminine without being too girly and eye-catching without looking too garish. It's somewhere in between purple and blue so it's a bit unusual which I liked; it's probably not going to be around for long though what with it being limited edish, so get on it fast.

During my summery shopping session I grabbed a couple of pieces from River Island. RI isn't the cheapest of high street shops, but they do do lovely accessories, bags, purses, jewellery etc. About a year or so ago I noticed that they had brought out a new range of less expensive jewellery, the stuff that you would wear for about 6 months or less and then just put out. The items in this collection are about £2-3 in price and are really quite cute. Most of the stuff is gold but there are also a few silver and rose gold pieces as well. This thumb ring and these earrings were only £2 each. I'm very much a stud girl when it comes to earrings and I needed a couple of new pairs to update my collection. I thought these were simple and classy and also quite summery. I think they will also go very well with my new shorts!   

As for the thumb ring I really surprised myself with this purchase. I wasn't looking out for rings of any kinds but I just saw this and tried it on and really liked it. For just £2 I thought I'd give it a go for the summer; it feels really nice to wear and I've had several compliments when I have worn it. I reckon it looks pretty cool with this colour nail varnish too.

Aaaand lastly, my latest cookbook acquisition. I love me a new cookbook and I think Jamie is fab. I've caught a couple of his latest money saving meals show on tv and this is the book to accompany the series. In it he shows you how to make tasty and healthy food on a budget, with a couple of treats in there too, and lots of helpful tips and tricks to use up things that might be thrown away.

I've been bookmarking the ones I want to try first so keep your eyes peeled for my attempts in the form of a recipe post.

Thanks for reading! I am now off to enjoy the football and hope you will be doing the same :)

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