Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Afternoon in Whitstable

On Saturday we decided to attack Canterbury from a different angle and do the 'shop' shops (as opposed to the charity shops) because we just completely ran out of time to do the main ones. 

Thankfully the rain had stopped after Friday's washout and had mum and I had a lovely morning of browsing and meandering Canterbury's little streets. 

We did the same as we did on Friday and had coffees and almond croissants at Cafe St Pierre on the high street for breakfast to start our day off right. It's a cute Frenchified place right down the hill from my uni near the Westgate Tower, and their almond croissants are amazing! I have walked past dozens of times but until this weekend I had never been in. But I can safely say it's lovely and relaxed and perfect for what we wanted, something light and good coffees. I highly recommend it there.

After a few hours of shopping we had ticked off all the ones we wanted to look in and our tummies were starting to growl, so we headed to Whitstable to search for some lunch.

Because it was a Saturday it was a bit busy so we had to park at the top of the hill and use the Park and Ride. This actually turned out to be a good option instead of driving round for ages and not finding a place to park. We chatted to the friendly stewards until the bus arrived, and then trundled into Whitstable town centre down the main street.

By this time the sun had peeked through and loads of people were milling around - I love seasidey towns because everything is all seaside-themed and pretty! Whitstable is a perfect example of this; lots of artists are inspired by places like this so there are always lots of nice white-washed art galleries to look inside. 

We rode to the end of the route and got off at the harbour end in search of lunch spots. 

After a quick look around we decided to get in the queue at Wee Willie Winkle's. There was a long line out of the door, but that's always a good sign really. It took about 20 minutes to have our turn but eventually we got our cod and chips and sat down to tuck in.

Is there anything nicer than fish and chips by the seaside?

After we had finished our long leisurely lunch we spent the rest of the day meandering back up the main street, popping in and out of shops and just enjoying the sunshine. We both said how restrained we had been on the whole and we could have spent a lot more, but the one or two things I bought I really really love. 

Like I said in my last post, keep your eyes peeled for my post of what I bought :)

Thanks for reading!

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