Thursday, 17 July 2014

Cafe des Amis

I've really been loving Mexican food in 2014. I've tried loads of different places and I've been cooking up my own creations at home (my enchiladas are pretty good if I say do say so myself). But when I'm out to eat 99.9 times out of 100 I will get the fajitas. It's the classic Mexican restaurant dish and I love all the different accompaniments and combinations you can have and create for yourself. 

Cafe des Amis is a place I'd heard quite a lot about, and all very good things at that. They do fajitas to share and I loved te idea of the platter ring of condiments and toppings they put on your table for you and your fajita compadre to dive in to. 

I almost didn't book a table, but I had been passing by by chance the day before and decided to pop in. And thank goodness I did book! Turns out Saturday nights are pretty busy at Cafe des (who'da thought?!) and they could only squeeze us in at 6pm or 9pm. So of course I went for 9 to give us more shopping time in the day. The lesson here is that if you want a table at Cafe des Amis (or anywhere else on a Friday or Saturday night) it's always best to book.

I desperately wanted to try the restaurant out for myself. My mum is a really good cook but fajitas aren't usually the sort of thing she would have at home because my dad and grandma prefer more classic one pot dishes, so it made perfect sense to try it with her!

The restaurant has a really funky vibe to it, lots of modern fiesta-ey colours like orange and turquoise; friendly waiters dressed very casually greet you with a big smile at the door and the atmosphere is nice and relaxed. 

We love a candle and were happy when a fresh one was placed and lit on our table on arrival. A smiley waitress guided us to our table right by the window, and soon came back to take our drinks orders. Lager for mum and Mexican cider for me. We skipped the starters and went straight in for the main, after fish and chipping earlier on. We were asked if we needed longer to decide what to have, but we already knew we wanted to try their chicken fajitas to share. Well, I did, mum left the ordering up to me.

We chatted happily and watched people on their way in to town, and cars going by in the warm evening air. After about 15 minutes the food showed up. And so did the platter of toppings and extras. 

How amazing does it all look?

The chicken was well seasoned and juicy, and laid on a bed of sautéed peppers and onions. Sometimes these can be a bit greasy but they weren't at all. The wraps were warmed nicely and we got 4 each.

The condiment ring was awesome, I loved the idea. There was fresh guacamole, salsa, salad, jalapeños, sour cream, cheese, and refried beans which I hadn't tried before but which were awesome! They topped you up if you ran out of anything, which was brilliant. We ended up getting refills of sour cream and beans, which were delivered nice and quickly. 

The only thing I would say is there wasn't all that much chicken for 2 people. I don't know whether I am being picky but I would've expected a little more meat for the price we paid. However, we had eaten well during the day so it's a good job we weren't ravenous. A big bonus was the condiments and they kept us satisfied. 

All in all Cafe des Amis was rather lovely and I would definitely return. It isn't the cheapest place for fajitas so it is more of a special occasion/treat kind of place, but the food was very tasty and well cooked. 

Ciao for now, amigos!


  1. Lovely! I am exactly the same way, whenever I go out to eat with my parents, we always just order a big order of guac, and two orders of fajitas to all share. Perfection
    With love,

    1. Love it! Thanks so much for reading and leaving me a comment, Erica :)