Monday, 14 July 2014

Girls' Night Out

My mum came to visit me this weekend for 3 days of shopping, relaxing and catching up with each other. She arrived mid-way through Thursday afternoon and I shut up my books and dissertation work for a much needed break with one of my most favourite people. She arrived with a present for me - eggs from our chickens at home! I really miss having lots of fresh eggs so this was a massive treat! 

After a quick house tour (which didn't take long) we sat together on my bed and polished off the rest of the homemade banana bread over coffee and gossip. 

After chatting away for a good few hours we were ready to head down to the centre of Canterbury for some pre-dinner drinks. We caught the bus down from my Uni and headed to a bar called The Cuban for cocktails.

It's a tapas bar during the day, a cocktail bar in the evening and a nightclub at night. We arrived just before 7 to take full advantage of the 2 for 1 cocktail offer. After deliberating over the extensive menu Mum went for her favourite and so did I. Margherita for her and a Piña Colada for me.

I'd heard a lot about The Cuban in all its nightclubby glory, but not an awful lot about what it's like for cocktails. It was modern, had a really laid back atmosphere with a great choice of drinks and friendly staff. The really good drink offer sweetened the deal and we stuck around for more, to try out the rest of the menu for research purposes of course.

Me and my gorgeous Mum.

Next it was time to go for some food. There was only one place I had in mind for a special reunion dinner: La Trappiste. I've been before a number of times but every single time has been a winner. 

It's a Belgian restaurant which does the most amazing mussels I've ever eaten. No prizes for guessing what me and Mum both had!

We went on a Thursday night which was a little less busy than a weekend, but it's still always best to book. We were shown to our table by a very friendly waitress an decided what to have to start. Mixed olives and garlic bread with cheese was quickly delivered, along with our pre-dinner drinks. 

And then our wine turned up. Mum didn't pretend to do the wine-tasting routine, thankfully! Our waitress looked equally as relieved as me.

The starters were perfect as always, and kept us going while we were waiting for our main. We chatted happily and Mum filled me in on all the things she's done to the house since I've been away. I'm really looking forward to going home in a couple of weeks to see and to spend some time with everyone. I'm particularly looking forward to having a cuddle with my Grandma, my Dad and Bith the cat. 

Then the moules arrived. We both ordered the Classic moules, with a cream and white wine sauce. It comes with beautiful thick bread to mop up the sauce but we both ordered a side of frites too, of course.  

Simply divine. 

The only complicated bit is the extracting process. It takes a moment to get back in to it but once you've opened one, you can use the shell of one of them as a pincer to get the others out. It's a clever method taught to be by my uncle Frank, who is a genius when it comes to seafood preparation and cookery. 

So delicious! We skipped dessert and went home to crack open the Pimms and watch Anchorman 2. 

I had such a wonderful night in the best of company and beautiful surroundings. Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of what we got up to together!

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