Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Movie Night and Bed Picnic

My Mum is the perfect shopping buddy. She has good taste, an eye for a bargain and isn't afraid to treat herself to something really lovely every now and again. I can also trust her advice completely, on numerous occasions over the years she has tactfully guided me away from something that I would look a bit silly in. All in all we are a good partnership and a shopping force to be reckoned with. 

She was the one who showed me that charity shops and dress agencies are treasure troves to be plundered, and I made a number of brilliant CS purchases that I can't wait to share with you! 

So after a lovely (albeit wet) all day shopping sesh in Canterbury and Faversham, stopping by my boyfriend's house to see him and his family, have a cup of tea and see their bees, we swung by Waitrose to stock up on supplies. 

There's something special about Waitrose food. I get so excited to go and its kind of become a me and Mum thing, it's more fun with her so I normally save myself until we can go together. This might sound a bit weird but it's true :)

The only thing on the cards after a marathon shopping day was to climb in to our pjs, rustle up a bed picnic and watch a film. 

All the ingredients required to make a lovely big jug of Pimms to drink!

Look at that spread. I could eat this again right now just looking at it! I can't put in to words how yummy this pizza was - it's the feta cheese and caramelised onion pizza. Waitrose were doing this really good offer where you get a choice of a main (I chose this pizza) and 2 sides for £6! (I picked the dips and a mixed bean salad too which I ate for a tasty lunch). This is such a bargain considering that individually the pizza was over £4. If you are going to Waitrose in the near future I very much recommend taking advantage of this offer. 

Then we got some Kettle crisps (mozzarella and pesto flavour, they're really good), some dips and a simple side salad. 

So easy and so so tasty.

We tucked in to our feast cross-legged and watched Anchorman 2, which we both loved. 

The perfect Friday night in!

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