Friday, 18 July 2014

Thrifty Shopping

Sadly this is the last post related to when my Mum came to visit. We squeezed a lot in to the three and a half days she was down but looking back over the photos and writing my blog posts about it really confirms it. We did loads and had an amazing time and I wish I could have it all over again! But no fear because I'm heading home in a few days for a couple of weeks so I get to see he and the rest of my family very soon, which I'm really looking forward to. 

Her visit has also made me a very good blogger this week, this is the fifth day in a row I've posted! I've loved looking back over our adventures, and after speaking about shopping antics an awful lot over the last four days it's about time I showed you my acquisitions. 

As some of you may know I'm a big charity shop fan; they are the right place to go if you want to pick up something a bit different for not too much money, and all the proceeds go to a good cause of course. Here's what I bought this time, all in different shops.

I bought a gorgeous little mint green bowl, which will be perfect for baking or having a big bowl of porridge. Or putting crisps in. Basically anything! 

And then I randomly found a milk or cream jug in a matching shade of green. I recently bought a cafetiere and I thought it'd be really cute to use this for my milk. 

Then there's the books. Charity shops are great places to stock up on books, especially in university towns because students often use them for one module and then chuck them. I have never ever read Nineteen Eighty-Four (!) or The Bell Jar so I thought I'd invest. Admittedly they're not the most jolly of tales but in the interest of educating myself I'm going to give them a whirl.

I decided to make this addition to this post at the last minute. I confess it's not a charity shop or dress agency purchase but it is from my favourite independent Canterbury boutique Angels, and I really really wanted to show it off. Let me introduce you to my new clutch bag! I've even hunting for one of these bags for ages. My criteria was pretty simple: clutch style, big enough to fit my bits and pieces in, and a colour that would go with everything (that wasn't black).

This is my dream bag! It's a gorgeous light beige colour, soft fake leather material with gold edging, and it's got a zip and a popper to keep the contents secure. It was just over £20 which I think is a bargain considering how much wear I'm going to get out of it. I just love it so much and can't wait until I take it for it's first trip out!

Thank you for reading my post :) 
Happy Friday everybody!

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  1. I love your jug & bowl!! such lovely colours! :)